Disney LV mono!

  1. I was in the Disney store with my kids today and I saw a new line of "handbags". The bags are dark brown with MM and Mouse Ears outlined in gold. It is a Mickey Mouse version of LV. Yikes! What will they think of next??
  2. They have a "tokidoki" line called "Mickeydoki" also.... I think Disney has gone too far!!
  3. I saw it yesterday and was like WTF!!:yucky:
    They are made for adults and they are not pretty. Here is the link to their website.
    It is called Signature collection

  4. I saw those at the mall last week! Not liking them too much.
  5. No surprises here. There are plenty of Hello Kitty LV look-a-likes out there.
  6. YUCK. I still don't think they're as hideous as those Victoria's Secret Speedies, though.
  7. :yucky: what were thye thinking...:nogood:
  8. I think that there is nothing wrong with this collection with disney. It's clearly a disney version of handbags not "LV". Let it go.

    I would never mistaken this collection with Louis Vuitton and I don't think anyone will.
  9. omg that is so tacky
  10. Also coach is now trying their version of the speedy, it is a coated canvas with their C as the monogram in place of the LV. :tdown: Not very pretty
  11. Honestly, these do not bother me...I'd SO much rather see people carrying bags like these than a fake LV. Remember, not everyone can afford LV or wants to buy LV.
    If I wasn't into LV, it would probably be something I would like...it doesn't even look like real LV so it's nothing I'd lose sleep over.
  12. I also think it's better than fakes. After an ugly history with sweatshops and child labor, Disney really cleaned up their act and we can be pretty sure the workers who made those bags worked in legal conditions.
  13. I think they are fine.. the victoria secret one's were the hideous assembles to even look at!
  14. I actually like them...I think they're cute. I rather the preteens I see go for something like this than their colorful Dooney's...then at least I could see some variety at the mall.

    I'm sure a lot of Disney fanatics would probably go for them!