DISNEY in 2010

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  1. I went one my first Disneyland trip last year for just one day and had a blast. I want to check out Disney World this summer. We already know where we are staying (Gaylord Palms) so now just have to buy tickets. It's just myself and my SO (23 & 28)

    I know we want to stay in Orlando for 7 nights and am wanting tickets for the parks for 5 of those days. I want to see as much as possible but mainly Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and a water park. This is the best deal I can find--


    Anyone have any suggestions? And who else is planning Disney trips this year? I'm already excited :smile:
  2. I am going next week!!! We're Florida residents so we get 4 days for $99 (add a park hopper for $25). We also got 40% off of our room and are staying at the Polynesian resort. I'm super excited!!! I have dinner reservations at a bunch of restaurants and am also going to Cirque.

    Your best deal for tickets is a park hopper pass and then adding the water parks option.
  3. Thanks dr. twiggers. Enjoy your time!
  4. I didn't add the waterparks option because only one of the waterparks is open right now (Blizzard Beach is closed for refurbishment - Typhoon Lagoon is still open), it's about the same price to add waterparks option or just pay for admission. If the weather's not warm enough then I won't be forced to go to the waterpark just to use my pass.

    If you're a AAA member there is a small discount on the pass if you buy through them.
  5. im going 1st june and am going to work over in the parks or hotels for summer from the uk! i cant wait im sososossosooooooooo excited its all i think about, havent been since i was a baby but go to disneyland paris every year!
  6. We just got back yesterday! I had a nice time.....but I think I'm over Disney. I loved the Magic Kingdom, but the rest of the parks were just 'meh' I'm ready for more cultured land-based vacations!
  7. A day for each of the parks should be fine, although it may be a little rushed if you want to see/ride everything. When I went in '08, we gave quite a few rides a miss so we could go on the bigger ones more often.

    I recommend catching Cirque as well - it was an awesome show!
  8. Hi there! i'm really excited to see how this pans out b/c my SO and I are going to Orlando as well in January. We're still planning our trip but so far it's three days of 2 theme parks and Universal (harry potter) and three days of premium and prime outlet shopping!