Disney Dooney & Bourke


Aug 2, 2008
Does anyone have or collect the Disney Dooney & Bourke? I saw the Winnie the Pooh one but missed it! Same with the Disney dog collection with blue background. There are a few on the Disney website I’m eyeing but haven’t decided yet. Please share pictures or details such as quality of you have one!

There’s an Aulani purple one released in January of this year but it seems to only be available at the resort.
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I look at the Disney Dooneys every time I am in the parks and used to own two of the Haunted Mansion bags, they have the same quality as every other Dooney bag. Most are the coated canvas with leather trim. You might be able to contact Disney by phone if there is a specific bag you want, they used to be able to work magic according to other Disney fans and the number was on Dis posting boards, but the time I tried it, they directed me to their glitchy app saying they had the same stuff as the app.
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6CA744B7-B0E8-4FC4-99F9-5EA3653932C3.jpeg 968220F4-EADD-40B5-B138-1505BF16E095.jpeg This pretty just arrived in the mail, ordered from shopDisney.com. I’m very pleased with the pattern placement. I also missed the dogs with blue background crossbody. It seems Dooney is doing alot of the blue/green backgrounds for Disney. This one looks more blue to me, though the registration card says Sea Foam. It might be the indoor lighting.
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