disney dissapointment

  1. some of you may know that iv just got back from a week in florida with my SO and my parents. with my mother in tow its not a holiday until theres some drama. several years ago she stubbed her toe in universal studios and was taken to the medical centre. it was like a mini hospital in there and they even xrayed her toe to make sure it was OK. she had a great experience with them and they even sent flowers to the hotel the next day.

    flash forward to last week, we were in epcot looking at the GM motors car display in test track when my mother swigs open the door of a hummer and hits her face with it (stupid i know). it made a dreadful noise and there was blood everywhere. i ran to find a disney employee who came over to my mother asked what happened and then pointed us in the direction of the medical centre, the didnt have a procedure to report it properly.

    when we got there the old woman (and i mean old!) who was on duty gave my mother 2 pain killers and an ice pack and sent us on our way!!!!!!!!!
    it felt like they didnt care, and the woman had a bad attitude (as if to say you couldnt sue us we would win).
    i culdnt get over the difference in the two parks when it is disney that has the great reputation.

    so a lesson to you all, if you want to get injured in a theme park make it universal studios.
  2. I'm sorry your experience was so bad. I've never been to Disney World but go to Disneyland ALL the time.
    I just read the book, Mouse Takes: A Behind the Ears Look at Disneyland (there is a part 1 and part 2).It gives you a whole new perspective on the theme park... and talks of quite a few experiences like yours. They keep bad things very hush-hush.
  3. Huh. Never had anything but good experiences at Disney.
  4. I'm not surprised at all. Disney has a very shiny veneer with some real ugliness underneath in some cases. I worked for the company years ago for a short period of time and saw things some might find hard to believe. I hope your mom is okay.
  5. I heard the same thing!
  6. Quite frankly I was incredibly disappointed in Disney World when we went this last May. It was my first time and I was really excited for the kids to see it but
    1.) It was horribly over-crowded- the lines for rides were atleast 45min-1 hour. We basically went on only 5 rides in the 8 hours we were there!
    2.)The staff was VERY rude- a guy working at the Crystal Palace told me to Get the hell out of his way!! :wtf:
    3.) There was an hour wait to eat at any restaurant in the park at 11am.
    4.) When I went to complain at the GS office, the manager basically gave me this schpeel about how it was the best place on earth and blew smoke and rainbow dust up my butt.
  7. I personally don't like Disney but I go at least once a year for the sake of my little one...It is normal to wait 45 min to 1hr in Disney, that's how it is!!!, I find hard to believe that a Disney employee had told you that...using that exact words.....and yes, you have to make advance reservations for most restaurants...I always do, never have to wait more than 10 min past my reservation time...Good Luck next time.
  8. i can believe number two and three, the employee working on test track telling us which part of the ride we should sit on threw a complete tantrum and let 4 cars go empty because people werent waiting where she had told them too.
  9. Omg, this thread is making me sad!

    I'm a huge Disney fan and have only ever had the best service there. :sad: Hearing about this sucks.
  10. I read those books too! I love them, behind-the-scenes books about places I like are the best lol.

    And sorry to hear about your mom, cherry pie.
  11. When I was a little girl, I fell into the water off a bridge at Disneyland during the electric parade....luckily my stepdad noticed(there were alot of us kids) and jumped in after me. I hit my head on something and woke up in one of their medical rooms...this was in the 70's. When I woke up, we were sent on our way. I think that they play things down so you won't think something bad has happened and try and sue them. If it were my son, you can bet that I would have rattled someone's cage about the fence I slipped under....on the other hand, it probably would not have happened as I'm more watchful then my mom was!
  12. All I can say is Universal Studios Front Of The Line pass rocks :party:....I will never attend any theme park unless they have a VIP type pass.
  13. I respectfully have to disagree with you here. IMO the only thing you could legitimately complain about was being rudely treated by the staff member. All the other complaints about long lines, overcrowding, etc., can be dismissed in two words: Disney World. What do you expect, going to a theme park? This is precisely why I don't go to them. I don't need the hassle.
  14. I love that pass too :smile: Never been there without it.