Travel disney cruise help with kids


Mar 6, 2007
has anyone ever split up there kids one child going to oceaneers club and one child going to oceaneers lab . im scared to split them up . or i could go next year and they would be in the same room . but if i go next year we would have to get the cheapest room . i guess it comes down to a room with no windows and the kids stay in the same class room or we get a room with a window or veranda and the kids split up . what to do what to do . my children are 3 and 5 now


Feb 10, 2007
It depends on how independent your children are? Are they fine alone with strangers or do they need each other? I personally am not comfortable leaving my children alone with people I don't know. Although your children are still young, you can ask your children how they feel if they were split up. Good luck and have fun!