Disney 16 Collection

  1. I have finally decided to show pictures of my handbags and accessories. I have been carrying Coach for many years but I also have one LV and just recently purchased my first Burberry. The only thing missing from the pictures is my Coach cell phone lanyard. Coach keychain, one black Coach wristlet and one black/white or is it gray Coach mini sig mini skinny.

    I am not the best photographer, so please excuse the pictures. I tried to photograph them in sections.
    Pic063.JPG Pic064.JPG Pic065.JPG
  2. Love the burberry!!!
  3. Wonderful Coach collection, and I love the LV peeking out from behind! :yes:
  4. thanks for sharing!
  5. massive coach collection! awesomeness!
  6. Great Collection.
  7. Very nice! I like the Coach sneakers!
  8. Great pieces!
  9. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments.
  10. great burberry bag!
  11. Love the turquioise tote
  12. Great collection :tup:
  13. Great collection!
  14. Fantastic collection
  15. Great Coach collection. Loving the ergo.