Disliking where you are?

  1. Lately I have just been feeling like, so BLAH about St. Louis. I've lived here my entire life, but am so ready to get out.. maybe for vacation.. maybe permanently, and maybe bc St. Louis is starting to become so ghetto and popular for crime spree's. I've vacationed a few times to the south..[FL, GA, etc..] and that is where I want to be, I LOVE it there, somewhere tropical & beach[y]!

    Does anyone else ever feel this way? Like you just want to GO!!!!! Sometimes I wish I could just pick up everything I have here and move it elsewhere.:shrugs: It kind of depresses me..:sad:

    Is it maybe bc I am sick of winter and the darkness? Or maybe bc I just see California or Florida as bright and sunny and happy. I mean I know every place you go will have its problems.. but I just dont know why I feel like this :tdown:
  2. Maybe a short vacation will be good for you, to either Cali or FL, as a refresher and take it from there
  3. I agree...
    Some time away may really help and if you can't get away how about
    a great time at a spa to revive yourself.
  4. I feel that way about Seattle sometimes, esp. in the dead of winter. Then we get a nice day, I see the mountains and the sound, and I change my mind. Maybe you just need a vacation to Mexico or someplace sunny.
  5. I can totally relate to to you, I live in Canada & have been yearning for a permanent change for a while now, what I use to like about the city I live in now annoys me. I just got back from FL & would totally move there in a second but unfortunately am not an American citizen. I would totally recommend the move if you have the means to do so
  6. Well I have a few vacations lined up.. to Chicago and Cali.. hopefully I will feel better after that. but still think I mite need a permanent move :shrugs:
  7. take that - i have recently moved to another country to be with my SO...i dont like anything here...its not like i miss home, because i like changing countries and moving around! but nothing works for me where I am now, i dont like people, dont like habits, dont like the language and i have to adjust and bear in mind that i will be here for years to come.:push: So chin up, at least if your feelings dont change you can move on and move out! ;)
  8. LOL..I despise the weather in NJ...but Im stuck here,my daughter is way too happy at her new private school.Id never move her.
  9. lol i agree that the weather has been pretty crazy here in jersey.

    but mostly, i want out because of the aura.. its getting too crowded (i'm in north jersey) and stressful for my taste. i'd like to move to a more laid back city / town...
  10. You know, DH and I were just having a similar discussion this weekend. We were talking about how we'll be "free" in like 18 years when our kids go to college, and discussing where we might go then. He surprised me, since he's a born and bred New Yorker and I thought he'd never leave, by seeming to be interested in the idea of moving to a totally new environment! I'm all for the idea, personally, having moved around a lot when I was single. At various points I've lived in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, California, and New York as well as a few months in Russia. I've been to every US state except North & South Dakota, Alaska, and Hawaii. Traveled all over Europe. I like going new places either to visit or even to live, and did it many times without knowing a soul where I was headed!

    If you're really falling out of love with St. Louis, can you consider actually moving to another state? Or are you tied there by your circumstances?
  11. I feel like this all the time! If it's serious travelling will only leave you wanting more when you get back, quenching your thrist a little. If you are at a stage in life where you can actually move far, I suggest trying.
  12. Every time I feel like this, I travel somewhere. Its nice to check out different weather, culture, food, enviroment, etc. But then when I come back, I fall back in love with San Francisco. Maybe you just need time away.
  13. Cynthia- I can consider moving out of stl but DBF [soon DF maybe?] says that he has lived out of stl once and he will never do it again. [He lived in CA for 6 years] I'm sure I could talk him into it, but our jobs and lives are here.. so I just dont know what I would do..ahhh im so confused.
  14. I prob do just need a break.. hopefully that will solve everthing.. I am going to Chicago for the weekend in March so hopefully that will make me feel better
  15. This thread is really interesting to me, because I am born and raised in LA and for the last 7 years have lived by the beach. I love being able to play beach volleyball year-round (well, except for right now because we've been getting a lot of rain), DH loves walking to the beach to surf several times a week, and for the most part the weather and scenery is great. At the same time, though, I sometimes dream of getting away and living somewhere where it's less crowded, less expensive, less fake - you know, where it's not about which celebrity is going to which hotspot, what kind of car you drive, what kind of body you have, etc. I dream of not paying an arm and a leg for everything (especially real estate). So, the grass is always greener I guess!