Disinfecting leather bags


May 15, 2015
I carried my bag today for the first time. It doesn’t leave my body so there’s minimal exposure. I wipe down the contents of my bag as I empty it when I get home and leave the bag for 3 or more days to make sure the virus dies. I am more worried about the virus than germs. My purse goes in a 3 day minimum Q.


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
+1. There is literature that the virus doesn’t live long on soft surfaces. Even on hard surfaces, studies that shoe it lives for x days, really only mean fragments, so it’s extremely unlikely to catch on a surface. I wear a washable atoms mask and Gannett touch screen safe gloves going outside. i also wear any bag I want and mentally congratulate myself as countable to cost per wear lol; for convenience, I put my amex in a zippered pocket. Bag usually doesn’t leave my side or my lap and no one but me touches it. Since I have severe allergies and asthma, my Drs have always told me to change clothes and clean up when I get home (before entering bedroom etc), and that practice seems to also fit with covid.
Jun 8, 2006
I try to keep custody of my bags. Usually wearing nylon backpacks or smaller bags so that they don't bump into people or things which may have the virus. I try to keep my hands clean when out. When I return home, i wash my hands and remove the items. Then I set the bag aside for a few days. If it's something that can be wiped down, i do it. No way am I wearing my best bags. That means basically either nylon or pebble leather which can can take cleaning. I try to just take the bare minimum with me: sanitizer, mask, wallet, shopping bag, keys, glasses. The fewer items you take out, the fewer you have to clean later. Does a woman really need to carry ten lipsticks, 5 pens, etc, with the kitchen sink? If you're back in the workplace, it's a different story.