disinfecting & cleaning pre-owned bags

  1. hi,

    i just received a mono 30 speedy from authentic_lvlady on ebay. the bag has that characteristic moth-ball smell some of you have come across before...

    i would like to wipe the bag down with something to disinfect it, and just clean it up a little...it's not dirty per se, but i'm a big germaphobe, and it's not smelling exactly good, and it's been to different countries and people....

    so...what are your recommendations?
  2. I usually use applegarde conditioner all over the bags and wipe it all down with it. That helps a lot.
  3. I bought a bag from her and it had a horrible, horrible smell. I tried a bunch of methods to try to get it out but in the end what really worked was coffee grounds and airing it out. I still feel like there's a hint of the smell, but I'm probably just crazy. I'd definitely recommend airing it out, that seems to work best. And if you're worried about germs and whatnot, you can spray the inside with some antimicrobial febreze, though I wouldn't do this before getting rid of the smell because when I did it just sort of mixed in with it and made it worse. Hope that helps!
  4. I had the same experience. I used Fabreeze (sp?) and let it open. With time it fades but it was not easy to tell you the truth
  5. Turn the bag inside out, spray it GENEROUSLY (to the point that the inside is almost wet) with Febreeze (sp?) and leave it outside to dry (inside out). It should eliminate the smell completely. It would help if it's really hot out and the bag is in direct sunlight. You can repeat this a couple of times if it doesn't work right away. I did this to get rid of the moth ball smell in my Graffiti speedy. Worked like a charm! Good luck!
  6. Coffee grounds should take care of it or some newspaper. It might take a while but I'd rather have a bag that smells like yummy coffee than mothballs!!!
  7. where can i get the apple garde and apple conditioner from? any stores that sell them?
  8. Yes I have got stuff from the same SELLER great prices but THE SMELL!!!!!!!!!! I am a germ freak myself so Just appleguard the crap out of the bag (cleaner,then conditioner,then spray,then take the sleeper bag and Febreeze it and put it in the dryer with dryer sheets....then spray the inside of the bag and leave it outside for 1-2 hours and at nite put those room freshners inside the bag and close the bag and in the morning DO ALL OF THIS AGAIN...(I do it for 2-3 days to get rid of the smell and clean the leather handles of ANY germs.).GOOD LUCK...and ENJOY THE BAG!!!!!!!!!
  9. Love this idea...:heart:
  10. I don't know about any stores IRL, but I get mine from http://leatherstuff.com/.
  11. Dumb question, but does Apple Garde smell like apples? :blush:
  12. I bought one that smelled of old cigarette smoke:throwup:. I wiped the whole thing down inside and out several times with wet ones, and hung it out on the clothesline in the sun for a couple of days. You can just barely smell it now.:yes:
  13. A bit off topic, but this woman, authentic_lvlady, she's authentic? Her prices seem a bit low...
  14. Aside from Leatherstuff online, some Burlington Coat Factory stores sell them. :smile:
  15. Yes, authentic_lvlady is legit.:yes: