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  1. You are going to think I'm a loon but....

    I made THE BEST fish in my dishwasher!

    I used frozen tilapia filets....sprayed both sides w/ fat free olive oil spray....slipped it into a ziploc baggie, added some lemon pepper and a small slice of lemon into the baggie. Closed the bag making sure there was no air. Put that bag into another ziploc.

    I prepared a dozen filets in this manner.

    Then in my empty, soapless dishwasher I ran it making sure to use the heated dry.

    When the cycle was done....WA-LA... PERFECT flaky tender fish! :yes:
  2. That's hilarious! I can't believe it came out tasting good.
  3. May I ask WHY you did this? :wtf:I would have to look, but I imagine this is a huge waste of water and electricity just to make fish. Perhaps if your oven is broken and you don't have a microwave, but to PURPOSEFULLY use a dishwasher with all that HOT water and electrical heat just seems extremely wasteful for no reason. Why not put them in a steam bath?

    Maybe I'm being harsh, but it really bugs me when people don't think. I would have felt better if you had double or triple bagged it and actually DID this when your dishwasher was full of dirty dishes.

    OK everyone start throwing the rotten tomatoes at me.... I just couldn't keep my mouth shut on this one.
  4. :roflmfao:

    And here I thought I knew all the effective and creative ways to cook seafood. Thanks for the tip (and the chuckle).

  5. Just for fun.... to see what would happen.

    Thanks for your rude response. Ever heard of 'if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all'.

    I pay the effing electric and water bill so what does it matter how much of either I used?
  6. I've heard of this before! Does it make the dishwasher smell funky?
  7. Honestly, that was harsh and it wasn't even her idea. I've heard about this many times before...
  8. Uh oh - no trouble a brewin'......I was rather amused by it.

    Since I'm not a huge fan of fish, although I KNOW I'm supposed to eat it like 3 times a week, I got a big kick out of it...

    Besides, if it was just run on "heat" then no water was used, right? :smile::heart: or am I just a dolt......:s
  9. She said, "I ran it", so I'm assuming not just the heat.

    And just because someone hadn't thought of it and is stealing the idea doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    As I said, it was probably harsh, but in a world where water is precious and resources are getting scarcer, wasting energy in an obviously wasteful way just bugs me. I just wanted to say something to maybe turn on the "Oh... right" light bulb over other people's heads before they go and do the same thing... I can just seem 400 dishwashers running empty tonight just to make fish!
  10. that is so funny! imagine how quickly you could cook like, 50 filets for a large dinner party? I love that you not only thought about doing it, but you actually went ahead and tried! Good for you! :yes:
  11. I thought you where talking about the water you wash the dishes in , the dirty water you use to get the food off the dishes

    Its sounds fun , the dishwasher would create a moist enviorment to cook the fish in
  12. I think if you're making a bunch of fish this way you would maybe SAVE energy. I've heard of this in the past but I've never tried it. Did it make the house smell yucky?
  13. Yeah, I was amused too. Kind of funny on all counts. I thought maybe the OP hated fish or something and "dishwashered" it to get rid of it. :shrugs: The thread title confused me before I read it! I think it would stink up the machine though. I think the house stinks after even pan cooking fish.
  14. Not a wiff!!!! But I'm careful with the bagging and use good, double zip baggies...I don't know what would happen if one broke!
  15. That wouldn't have been good. I imagine an exploded zip lock bag with a dozen fish fillets in it would have made for one very messy dishwasher :p
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