1. I just received a bag from a seller on eBay who stated they were from Canada. With that, I ordered an LV. Turns out, the seller is from Hong Kong and the bag REEKS of mothballs. The bag is gorgeous, but it reeks. I honestly think this was dishonest of the seller. Should I contact them about it? I need the bag, it was *supposed* to be a gift for my mom for Saturday. I just don't what to do now. Any suggestions?
  2. Anyone? :shame:
  3. Ooh I ever read John 5 posted about coffee bean and other tPFers posted about remove mothballs smell.

    They said: Open your bag and keep in fresh air for a few days ( you could read it on LV forum )

    Good luck & I'm sorry about your bag
  4. Thanks! I posted about the smell on the LV forum.

    I'm really looking for advice here as whether I should contact the seller or leave neutral feedback. Are you allowed on eBay to claim you're from one country when you're really from another? That doesn't really seem right to me. :confused1:
  5. For the first time, I think I will say leave it. It is very shady of them to lie about the location but as long as the bag is authentic and gorgeous, I would leave it.

    I'm no expert but I would think the smell would eventually go away. Try coffee beans first and febreeze or airing it out outside.
  6. Ok, thanks. I know I def. don't want to leave them a negative. The bag is very well kept besides it's odor. I just think it isn't fair that they mislead me because I would have not purchased a handbag from them fully knowing they are from Hong Kong because of the common mothball issue. Even when sending the paypal payment, it didn't say to Hong Kong, but then again it didn't say to Canada either. It was random upper and lowercase letters. I guess I should be more careful next time!
  7. Hong Kong is like capital of fake items... as bad as that sounds.. I would take this bag to an authorized dealer and get it authenticated, if its not authentic then there is an issue and you can file a claim with PayPal to get your money back.. Unfortunately, if it is authentic eBay and PayPal will not take a claim because of the smell of an item .. so you would be out of luck there :sad: ... it's definitely sketchy of them hiding the fact that it is coming from Hong Kong though, I would be pretty upset!!
  8. i would say keep it!
    and although like big__japan said that hk is capital of fakes, u won't believe how many fashionistas in there and how much they're willing to spend on expensive authentic designer bags!!

    and i don't mean to defend the seller, but most people from hongkong, esp. the rich ones, they have 2 citizenships in canada too. it's a common thing there for ther iches to have houses in canada.
    maybe she live in both countries?

    and if u're wondering, no i'm not from hongkong and no i'm not the seller :p
    but i have families in hongkong who also lives in canada, they go back and forth to both countries
  9. yeah, definitely lots of rich people there who do have designer items and for sure have dual citizenship!! It could for sure be real but there is a chance it might be fake as well.. It's the same with any bag unless you buy it out of a boutique of course, but on eBay we do see more fake bags coming from there than any other place.. thats the only reason i would advise you to get it authenticated or why it worries me that it might be fake. I don't want to offend anyone though in saying that they do have a lot of fakes there, it's just a different culture and they have different laws about replicas there that normally limit a person from making a fake bag here.

  10. Thanks for the info! I know it's real because I had it authenticated here, and because I have the same bag in a different color & did all of my comparing. I'm just concerned about the smell & the dishonesty.

    I'm away at school right now and although my location says one state (like when I pay/when you pay me on paypal), the item is ALWAYS coming from another state, my school location. It's possible to put both down. She only had Canada.

    Oh well.
  11. If you have any doubts at all, I would have it authenticated, too. :biggrin:

    In terms of it being dishonest of the seller - it may, or may not be. It's pretty hard to tell. I certainly think the seller is, almost certainly intentionally, not telling the whole truth, though. :yes:

    As it, obviously, serves her to do so.

    On a personal level, I think it should be stated in a description, if a bag is to be shipped from another country than the one stated and if it smells strongly of anything. I had a little teddy bear that smelt of mothballs, when I was a child and it never stopped smelling!

    If we all used the feedback system correctly, rather than, unwittingly, protecting bad sellers by reserving neutrals for bad items/service and negatives for downright fraudulent sellers; then even if the bag is found to be authentic, this seller would definitely deserve a neutral, IMO. :yes:

    After all, neutral is supposed to mean neutral (as in, neither all good, nor all bad); not bad.

    If you have the bag authenticated and it is genuine, then perhaps you should leave a neutral to warn others, stating; 'Bag is authentic, but came from HK, not Canada & smells strongly of mothballs.'?

    How else will we make eBay a truly honest marketplace? :shrugs:

    ETA: Ah, I see you have had it authenticated, I didn't know that when I posted. :biggrin:
  12. I would leave a neutral. I hate being lied to. You made a decision based on it being in Canada & it wasn't. They lied about it cause of the questionable nature of items shpped from HK. I also believe this is against ebay policy & would turn them in for that.
    And they didn't disclose it smelled like moth balls. 2 lies!
    Try putting a box of bakind soda upright & open in the purse.
  13. Love that idea!
  14. For the same reasons chloehandbags said about leaving a neutral, I feel that it wouldn't be fair to another buyer if they aren't informed of this & they wind up in the same place as I. I thought to myself that if I did give a positive feedback, it wouldn't be honest. Also,Vegas Long Legs, I am going to look into if that is a violation of ebays policy.

    Thanks again for all of your advice!
  15. ^ No problem! :biggrin: