Dishonest seller misrepresented her refunds.

  1. I hate when sellers are dishonest and can't own up to it. I purchased a pair of new shoes from a seller last week and she advertised the shoes as being "black". The shoes in her pictures are black also. I received the item and the shoes are navy blue. I'm saying there's an obvious color difference between navy blue and black. I know that some dark blues will look like black but not these shoes. So I emailed the seller and told her that the shoes are blue and even the box says, "dark navy blue". She emails me back ignoring the fact that the shoes themselves are blue but she states, "We did state that the shoes are new and in a different Chanel shoe box under the Notes section."

    But I didn't ask her about the shoes being new or old! Plus I look under the notes section and it does say this, "New in a different Chanel shoe box." WTF?????

    So I asked all my friends, SAs, husband, 3 1/2 year old what color are the shoes and they all said "blue". I'm so mad because they are not what I wanted and the seller will not own up to it.

    I took pictures of the shoes and the blue actually comes out black in the pix! The only way to see that they are blue is if I send them back and she refuses any returns....all sales are final!

    I've gone through 3 eBay disputes since the beginning of December already and I'm soooo tired of eBay disputes. The blues are actually pretty too but just not the blacks I was looking for. Should I file another dispute or should I just keep it and leave a negative feedback?
  2. Can you post pictures. I think if take a picture outide without the flash the true color may be appreciated. You should email the seller black and let her know that if you don't receive a refund or the black shoes she advertise you are going to file a claim.
  3. ^^ yes, photomj just told me to take the pix in natural light and the again, the blue comes out as black. However, the trim of the shoes shows that it's blue. I'm thinking just forget it the whole thing at this point. It's not like I don't like them....they're's just not as versatile as black. :sad:
  4. take a pic with a pair of black shoes beside them, you might be able to see the color difference then.
  5. Can they be dyed?
  6. If the shoes were advertised as black in her listing, and you wanted black shoes, then I would most definitely open up a SNAD with paypal. I think that the wrong color is significant enough to be not as described. Bad, bad seller!
  7. Fauve - they're patent leather so no they can't be dyed. too bad, huh?

    What I really think is that the pix of the shoes shown in the auction is the actual blue shoes that I got.... but the seller's pix came out black too. She or whoever wrote the auction saw the pix and thought that they were black shoes and advertised them that way. Just a thought.
  8. LV Rawks...I love your signature. It's sooooo true!
  9. Can you lighten the pics, slightly, in Adobe (or the equivalent), so that it shows the true colour?

    If they were black and you lightened them, I would expect them to look grey; but if they are blue (even a navy blue that looks black in pics), when lightened, they should look blue, not grey. :yes:

    Either way, whether you can capture the fact that they are blue in pics, or not, they are blue and the seller has, wrongly, described them as black. That means they are SNAD and you should file a dispute to that effect. :yes: