dishonest seller accuses me of messing up bag

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  1. Hi, ladies. I had a bad ebay experience!

    I bought a NWT bag. It arrived scratched, handles falling apart and very dirty on bottom. I immediate filed the SNAD and returned to the seller. I am worried, so I took photos before I sent it back.

    Seller received the bag today. She says, it was clean when she sent it and she accuses me for dirtying of the bag! :sad: I have escalated to the Paypal CLAIM, but I am scared. How do I prove to Paypal, that the bag was always dirty and broken? Do you think I will have bad luck?

    thank you!
  2. I am also concerned because the seller offered me 50% of the price as refund. I refused, of course. So paypal says

    "You have denied the partial refund offer of $XXX from XXXXXXXX.Please note that since you denied the seller's partial refund offer, you might not recover any funds if the claim is decided in the seller's favor."
  3. Well... since you have escalated, I think that you are just going to have to wait for PP's decision, unless you have some additional info to add to your claim....?
    You could call PP and ASK them if they want to see the photos that you took of the bag.

    How long did you have the bag prior to filing the claim and sending it back?
  4. I sent it back the next day. I filed the SNAD the day I received the bag.

    Thank you, I will try to call PP.
  5. Make sure that you point out this time frame - sent bag back NEXT DAY.
  6. Think you should contact pp and speak with a supervisor.. be very clear in

    your description of the bag you received and mention that you have pics as well

    in addition to sending back the bag the next day..provide if you can any

    shipping info so that the pp will be able to confirm & see the bag was sent out quickly

    out of curiousity, what kind of feedback did this seller have?? anything that would

    indicate that they have sent merchandise like this before.. keep us posted..
  7. I've always wondered how they decide in these cases, being a "he said, she said" ( i guess this applies to a lot of disputes!). I can't see how it can be proved one way or another - as soon as it's delivered, well that's plenty of time for a buyer to do whatever to a bag...Often times there are sellers on here worrying about buyers marking bags to make a return or file a SNAD and here we have the opposite.

    A conundrum - hope it works out OP... :smile:
  8. I cannot see anymore the text I submitted before it became a claim, instead of dispute. I wrote that I returned the bag and wrote the tracking number and about the bag condition. Seller has 100 % but has less than 100 feedback total.

    Why would I want to mess up a NWT bag I bought for a low price? It makes no sense. I cannot believe I am accused.

    thank you for the support :hugs:
  9. This is one reason I advise take pix when appropriate, upload to photobucket, and copy/paste the link in the dispute when filed. Some PP/Ebay reps say they WILL look at photos. Maybe so, maybe not, but IMO, it can't hurt to have photos linked in the dispute. And typically once it's escalated, the option to link photos is gone. So when appropriate, might as well slap them in there when filing the dispute.....

    And, ITA, is a worry of many sellers. Hard call.
  10. Correct, once escalated, you cannot view or add anything else w/ out calling PP.
  11. I had something very similar happen to me once. I purchased a White Fendi Spy Bag which was supposed to be brand new and it arrived to me with denim transfer all over the backside of the bag. I sent the item back and filed a claim. I also took pictures and emailed them all to ebay along with all the sellers messages to me. I also sent ebay a link to the listing showing them where the seller listed the item as "brand new and flawless"...she also offered me a partial refund but I refused. In the end ebay did decide in my favour.
  12. Try not to worry, ballet - as long as you provided all the vital details about how, when you received it, the bag's condition differed from that in the description, before the dispute was escalated, I'm pretty sure they'll find in your favour. :smile:

    They normally do find in the buyer's favour, as sooooo many sellers are known to habitually exaggerate condition (it's almost become an expected part of eBay culture that sellers will do so, now) and as you say, why would someone go to all the trouble of finding a bag, bidding on it and paying for it, just to pack it up and send it right back, again, for no good reason? :shrugs:

    I'm sure buyer's remorse happens in these situations, occasionally and perhaps the occasional buyer buys a bag to use for one night only, but both are pretty rare, as far as I can tell and it's certainly extremely rare to hear of buyers damaging items, intentionally, just to return them (thank goodness!).

    PP know all that so, as I say, try not to worry! :flowers:

    Some say "NOT to waste your time taking & linking pix, as ebay/PP will not look at them". I have to disagree, as who is to know for sure?
    And, if still a dispute, then the photos are for the SELLER to view. Once escalated to a claim, we hope ebay/PP will view.
    IMO, when filing a dispute, we need to put forth all evidence that we can, whether we KNOW it ALL will be considered or not. You did just that. You put forth everything you could compile that MIGHT help your case. And you won. I think that your strategy was a good plan!:tup:
  14. ^ ITA. :yes:

    Anyway, even if they don't look, it doesn't hurt to include a link, does it?

    Whereas, if they do, even if only very occasionally (perhaps during claims that are very hard to decide?), it might just hurt not to.

    I know that if I were an eBay/PP employee, I wouldn't care what the official line was - if I had a link in front of me (and the time), I'd damn well look! :lol:
  15. Exactly, and claims are reviewed by people, different people, and one might do what the other does not. Ya just never know, so throw it all out there!