Dishonest people returning fake Miu Miu to department stores.

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  1. I have read somewhere that people are returning fake Miu MIu bags to Saks and other well known department stores whilst keeping the real one. How dishonest, not only are they stealing from the stores, they are stealing from innocent people who buy them not knowing they are fake. When you buy a designer bag from these stores you dont expect to get a fake.:sad:
  2. It does suck, I'm so wary when I purchase 'great sale' items when my SA calls. Esp for Prada and Miu Miu, they are really easy to copy.

    The good news to that problem is that Miu Miu will only be carried in the boutique so we won't encounter the fake issue (at least I hope)

    There will always be people who like to defraud others, just look at *bay.
    I have a feeling with the economy going so south, more 'crimes' of this nature will be occuring more frequent.
  3. I could not believe it, I guess that only selling Miu Miu in their boutiques would probably solve this problem as staff will be more trained in their products and what they look like and would be more aware of this issue.
  4. I am so paranoid now b/c I just bought a Miu Miu from Saks and it was a return! :crybaby:
  5. oh no, post pictures of it on the authenticate it thread and miu2 and rosemary will be able to tell you. a picture of the inside tag is needed too.
  6. I really hate when this happened.

    It happened to me when I bought a Coach bag at TJMaxx before. I did not even suspect a bit that it would be fake.

    With fake in the department store, who can we really trust to get a real one from?? I always trust that they got real stuff!! Oh.. my!
  7. Just posing this question: Has it been verified that this has actually happened that a fake Miu Miu was sold by Saks? Was it authenticated as fake? I feel like a rumor may be starting so just wanted to ask.
  8. Yeah... this is an old problem and is not limited to Miu Miu. There are lots of accounts of people (includng tPFers) who have innocently purchased an expensive bag from a high end department store that turned out to be fake. I think Bluefly also had a lot of problems like this until they introduced the tagging system. It's horrible and has thrown up a lot of questions about the ability of SAs to identify a fake bag that someone is attempting to return.

    I think in some stores there is a "Retruns" desk so the "customer" is not actually even returning the bag to an SA who works in that brand's section. It's something that stores should do something about, as it costs so much in lost income, insurance premiums, add-on costs which are passed on to customers and the store's reputation!
  9. i read somewhere on these forums that this has happened to someone, think it was the thread 'Is Miu Miu still available at Saks'.
  10. The SAs of department stores not just Saks but any ones might not know their products well enough to know how to differentiate between a fake and a genuine product as some fakes look really good and its so hard to tell unless you know your stuff, you can get them in practically any colour. They might not check when someone returnes a bag, and just take it at face value.

    I can imagine that there might be people dishonest enough to buy a genuine designer bag from a reputable retailer, then buy a fake one same colour and style and return the fake one saying that there is a fault with it or it was a gift and the person she/he bought it for does not like it, the SA if not familiar with the products on sales processes a return for that person without knowing, than may put it back on display. It is not far off and can easily happen if the person has no conscious:sad:.
  11. An SA at Saks, once asked me if a Miu Miu bag was real. She knows that I'm into purses and on TPF. Apparently the bag was returned, because the person who bought it, thought it was fake because it was made in Turkey. It was purchased online and the online description said made in Italy. I told the SA that there are some Miu Mius made in Turkey (this has been discussed here in the Miu Miu forum many times). Saks online needs to correct their online descriptions. I do think that sometimes people think that they have fakes, even though they don't because the bag is made in Turkey and not Italy.
  12. When I worked at Bloomingdales, someone took off their jeans and put the new ones on and walked out with them. My manager put the person's old jeans on the shelf.:cursing:
  13. The jeans don't have the alarm tag attached with them?
  14. i can imagine some people doing these dishonest things
  15. i think the SA's need to be trained properly...! also dept stores should improve their tagging system.. i'm getting so angry to hear about these dishonest people!! :cursing:t

    last time, i bought a necklace from tiffany boutique and i got it exchanged on the next day. the SA never inspected if it is real/fake...and as i was walking out the store with the new one, i fel uneasy as it could be a fake one returned by someone else...whenever i wear that necklace thesedays, i hope mine is real.....:confused1: