Dishes for Sushi

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  1. Anybody know where to get a nice set that's not too expensive? I'm looking for something sleek and modern, like what they use at Stingray Sushi in Scottsdale if anyone has been. They are white, modern, and rectangular. I love them! Where did you ladies get your sushi dishes? I need something nice for takeout.

  2. I'm in Vancouver, but sometimes when you go to the mall they have a really traditional oriental store that sells dish sets, tea sets, that sort of thing etc.

    They're really nice. I bought my parents these when they moved to their new place.

    The picture isn't so great but in real life they look really cool. And they're heavy and sturdy too! :smile:

    Here's the website:

    A lot of their really nice stuff are in the stores though. Hope this helps!
  3. too bad you don't live in my town.... there's a big drug store that carries a whole aisle devoted to stylish sushi dishes

    wish I could help you...

    ok just looked at that link ^^^^ and thats excatly what they carry.