Dish It Out...Something You Hate About A LV Bag/Item You Own?

  1. I posted this in another board so for you dual members bare with me...but I am interested to know the answers from you guys.

    For me, I love my Red Vernis French Purse, but I hate how the bill slot is so uncomfortable to put money in and out of it specially if there's money in it already. I know the wallet is originally for the French Franc/Euro bills but would it have killed LV to add a centimeter more so that the USD could fit :blink:

    Also, the Luco is a great bag, but when putting stuff or taking stuff out the zipper scratches my arm. I am use to it now so now I push the top part aside to avoid scratching.
    And what is up with the one strap always falling off! :rolleyes:
    I have also found a way around this but these are things I think they should have thought about :blink:
  2. i love everything about my LV bags except the fact that the leather oxidizes. i haven't learned to like the patina yet, so right now, if there were some way i could stop, not just delay, the patina, i would.
  3. I hate the price of it... does that count? :graucho:
  4. I am with you on the french purse bills compartment!!!:rant:
    I also hate how the opening on my fringe speedy is tiny!!! It's bad enough it's speedy 25 and the opening is small to begin with they had to close it off from both ends!!!:censor:
  5. oh my, those two speedies (irene's) look so good next to each other.

    i hate the opening of the speedy 25! too small for my long fingers!
  6. ^^ me too! especially on my epi. have to try so hard to avoid the wrinkles!
  7. I hate how locks and zippers scratch so easly.
  8. I don't like how when you set a papillon down, it can just roll
  9. Count me in on that one. I'll catch myself chasing down my papillon before it rolls off the table. :roflmfao:
  10. I used to have an Excentri-Cite and I hated how hard it was to get into the bottom of the bag because of the opening and shape.

    It was a cute bag though
  11. Ooh don't get me started on the rusting/gold chip of the hardware. You'd think for these bags being so expensive they'd use hardware that didn't rub off...take the Cles for example...give it a couple of months and the key section looks horrible...the gold rubs off.
  12. I hate that the vachetta is soooo fragile!
  13. OK, one more!:lol: I hate it that Manhattan GM and Neo Speedy both fall on their pockets because the pockets outweigh the bag when the bag is empty!!!:lol:
  14. I hate how the Noé has no inside pockets whatsoever.
  15. I hate how LV insists on using the lovely pale untreated leather on practically all their handles:Push: so I have to worry about them getting all yukky looking.:sad: