Disgusting!!!!!!!! $%^#$%%

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  1. :cursing:

    I can't believe it!!!!! Today I took my "new" Ergo for start to use it and when I was taking all my things from my Carly I look inside the Ergo and the lining was full of orange stains!!!!!! I was looking everywhere there and the whole lining had a lot of something that look like loose powder but almost orange! Even inside the pockets!!! I bought this bag around 3 weeks ago and the auction said it was new. I just noticed that now. What I do? I don't feel comfortable now.

  2. OH no!!!! :sad:

    Did you open the bag up and look closely when you got it?? I would email the seller.. but they probably wont do anything (unfortunately). Have you left Feedback yet?
  3. It sounds like maybe bronzing powder or foundation ? I would be very upset too. Maybe they can give you a partial refund or you can file a paypal dispute ?
  4. You def. need to email the seller. They are probably going to give you a hard time about this since you have had it for a while now and especially if you have already left feedback.

    I would say that you haven't really unpacked the package until today and just noticed the stains. You might want to try cleaning them with a gentle cleanser like woolite. I would also check the original listing to see if they disclosed this information about the stains in the bag. If they did, then you are probably S.O.L.!
  5. OH no! I am so sorry this happened to you! I also think you should try to contact the seller, but who knows if they will do anything about it. What a bummer.
  6. The bag have the tag but I am looking and it looks like somebody took the tag out and put it again for sell it? Very weird. I just opened a dispute in Paypal right now.
  7. I seriously doubt the seller will do anything. Seriously, its been 3 weeks but it dosent hurt to try I guess.
  8. I agree, at this point you have no way of proving that you didn't cause the damage after you received the bag.
  9. I never used the bag. It's still have the tag attached. The seller wrote me back telling me that I can return the bag and she will refund the money. So now I need return the bag and wait a long time for have my money back! I bought it for $141.00. I can't understand how somebody list something as new and is super used. I sold my bleecker bag on eBay and it was looking absolutely new but I was honest and told in my auction that it was used once so for that I am upset now because I bought a "new" bag that is used and dirty. I washed the lining with a mild liquid soap and I am waiting for it get dry but tomorrow that bag is going back!
  10. well, I am surprised that she is so willing to take it back after 3 weeks but I am happy for you that she is. Honestly, if I sold something and someone wanted to return it 3 weeks later I would say no way.

    I'm glad it worked out for you!
  11. I am sure she said return it because she know the bag was used. I really like the bag and I feel weird now that I know that powder was there because I don't know what powder was that one. I don't want return it but everytime I think in the powder I feel like uggrrrr...
    So girls last question... What I do?????? I keep it or return it? I can't find another like that on eBay.

  12. I think so too. She probably has a guilty conscience. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then by all means, return it. If you think you will not use it because of the powder you don't want a wasted $141 sitting in your closet. If you feel like you really want this bag and may not be able to find it again at such a good price then maybe keep it?

    It would probably would not bother me too much if it came out and I paid a low price for the bag. If not then I would complain.. but that is me.
  13. Thanks Tara. Honestly I am thinking in what I will do. I can return it and have my money back and keep for buy a new bag but in the same time I think that if the powder come off after I washed it will be fine. Is not the powder what make me too upset is just see the auction where she said is new and is not true.

  14. I understand.. she was wrong to do that.
  15. Don't keep it... it's going to always bother you that it was a dishonest transaction... you'll find something else!!