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  1. Well after receiving my off white pst I am totally disgusted that now after al this back and forth I am returning it. I just don't love the bag and while $1500 isn't in the top bracket for Chanel it can certainly afford me a Balenciaga or something else...The problem is that I am starting to only love Chanel. A big problem for me and my wallet. For now I am going to hold off and wait to get something I love. I want a light colored bag for spring so badly. Any suggestions ladies? :crybaby:
  2. why are you disgusted???? what happened? :confused1:
  3. I wanted to get a bag before the increase , The pst was in my budget...I got a woc for xmas and I just bought a Jumbo a few mths ago but i wanted a light colored bag for spring. I was going to get the LV neverfull in damier azur but I already have it in Damier and that seemed silly to me to get the same bag. The pst seemed cute but after getting one with a hole and one that looks like it was sitting on the shelf for yrs i am just disgusted with the bag and now it looks like a lunch box to me...
  4. I got a light colored flap, its so pretty and its easy to wear, i didnt actually get it yet but i ordered it at hirshliefers during the trunk show.

    And honestly it wasn't to bad for the size, and the type of leather, glazed caviar!

    ETA: its not a classic flap, its more like a hobo with a flap over it, with the logo

    There are some pics floating around, i will find it
  5. [​IMG]

    Its not off white, but it is light in color, and it seems like its going to be a great and easy to wear bag, its more of a taupe color hard to explain as it looks different in all diff kinds of lighting.
    its got a silky lining, can't wait til it comes in!
  6. How much?
  7. I love it! How much does it cost?
  8. Wait CONGRATS FIRST!!! SORRY!! and also how much ha ha
  9. #9 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    HAHA i should of put that

    it was a reasonable....$2225

    Can't believe i bought a 2nd Chanel!!!

    Thanks so much

    ETA: messed up the price, thought it was 2250 but its really 2225!!!!
  10. #10 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Sorry this happened to you... maybe try to ask your SA to examine the bag carefully before even shipping it out? Or if you can... go to the boutique or dept. stores yourself so you can make sure nothing is wrong with it. It can be really annoying to return the bag multiple times... and somehow it will effect your excitement compare to if you just receive the perfect bag at the first time.

    Also, I think it isn't silly to have a same bag in different color, since many ladies here collect flaps in many different colors and you will just want more... If you really like the design, why not getting it in another color you will love equally? ;) Personally, I think the damier azur is kinda cute...
  11. The Louis is just practical i use my Damier Neverfull everyday when i run around with the boys but my heart is for my Chanels...lol...
  12. OP - lol, I get it! I use my lv monogram speedy on rainny days or when i don't feel like taking care of my bags at all... but it doesn't compare to chanel :love:
  13. #13 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I say just save your money for your dream Chanel. Maybe it won't happen til next spring/summer that you get a light one. I feel you on the Chanel only--once you start you can't stop--but to buy one just to do so before increase or to buy one that happens to be "cheaper" if that's not what your heart is set on probably won't satisfy you. Do you have an ideal next Chanel for you in mind???
  14. You are totally right, I still need a bag for spring..any suggestions? I mean I was thinking of getting a colored woc for nice days when I am not carrying a lot but let's face it I have 2 boys..and I am always running around.. I need a go to bag.. HELP me PLS5!! ha ha I know you know your stuff!
  15. Oh get the Beige or White Cerf with gold hardware. Magnificent!!
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