Disgusted with Saks.com (long post)

  1. Well, every good bag lover has a horror story, My time has come. Here’s mine. I will never, ever buy from Saks.com ever again. I am utterly disgusted and disappointed, They have zero quality control. ZERO. The only way I will ever buy anything from them, especially a bag is to go to the store in person, demand a new or never touched bag, inspect it fully, then pay for it and walk out with it in hand. I’m still even contemplating that and thinking of just switching over to Neiman Marcus altogether.

    Here’s what happened:
    on tues, the 9th I went online to Saks.com cause i wanted another spy bag. I went on and saw a blue spy that had not been up before. I got so excited thinking oooh, maybe its blueberry. I called Saks, because I know sometime the dept. websites don’t give the exact color name..like natural for honey or in this case it said dark blue I thought maybe for blueberry. (when I ordered my stam it said grey and it was mouse, one place said mousse). So I called, asked them if this was brand new, the color blueberry, 2007, etc., they said yes it was, just came in. im like cool. I go back on, I buy it. Card processes, they ship it out the next day, record time. I get it yesterday. Early morning by fedex. Im all excited I see it’s a rectangular box…ok, ine maybe they didn’t stuff it all up but hey, it’s saks! They know what they are doing. I open it up its all wrapped in the saks logo tissue papers, beautiful silver sticker, nice bill in neat envelope, all good. I see some blue sticking out from a corner of the tissue paper and im like….ok..no dustbag, this cant be good. I open it all up and yep – no dustbag. But, there it was……. i got a Spy alright – I got a dirty, disgusting, used, old - looked years old, ragged, smelly, handles unraveling, white paint-stained, worn & tattered, leather faded, leather chipped, black marks embedded on the bag, hardware broken and UNSNAPABLE, hindges off and missing, seams TORN, leather SLASHED, beaten up, misshapen, metal scratched, spy compartment broken, spy tube BENT, eaten leather PETROL Spy Bag. Also, NO authenticity cards nor papers to boot. Or a dustbag as i said too. I was..seething. the only thing on it correctly was the $2000+ price tag that they so quickly charged me for, THAT they did correctly, that they know how to alllways do right.

    I called almost all of saks, the card dept, management - you name it. Told them my story…finally spoke to a lovely woman apologizing up and down, telling me that this isn’t the 1st time this has happened, credited my card $50 for the sheer inconvenience of the situation, told me fedex could come get it and ship it back tomorrow..i said no im going to long island today and returning this right away, I want my credit and I want this out of my house. She agreed it would be safest to do so, I went today..they were expecting me, took it back stright away and everything was fine. Now im curious if after it processes back and gets sent back if they plaster this monstrosity back up online for someone else to buy. I hope to god they don’t. I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy. Just beware with them and these website purchases, they obviously treat expensive items and your money with no respect. My friend had this happen but we thought it was a one time fluke and thought o this won’t happen again it’s once, we understand it was..a marc Jacobs Hudson - it came dirty, leather looked worn and the handles were practically dead, discolored, misshapen and looks like 10 dogs used them as a chew toy. Couple this bag with my spy horror and the saks employee telling me this is a common occurance with internet orders AND instore people calling to get a bag sent to you if they don’t have it in stock (I guess they do it one in the same process)…its just literally unacceptable.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Wow. Sorry to hear that. Post a picture. I'd love to see what they shipped to you.

    At least its not a final sale and they are giving you credit. But the hassel of it all is frustrating. I've seen the new blue on several websites so I don't think you'll have a problem finding a new one.
  3. thats such a crap service from such a large company - great that you can take it back and get your money back and go somewhere more reputable
  4. EGAD!

    What a horror! I know I would be seeeeeething! To look forward to something so much and then to go through THAT! Ugh.

    Look at it this way: you're amassing good Bag-karma for the next time for putting up with that! teehee
  5. That was just UNACCEPTABLE. AND FROM SAKS!!! Just so I understand correctly, they issued you a refund on your credit card and not a store credit. Right??? I wouldn't take a store credit from them if my life depended on it. I agree. Never shop online with them again.
  6. that's UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!
  7. hold on, you're getting another spy?? :nuts:
  8. I heard of quality control issues at a lot of stores with online orders. It's a shame they don't have a better handle on inspecting items and to let something ship that was so obviously in unacceptable condition is terrible :yucky: ! I'm glad that in the end they tried to rectify the situation by crediting you for your hassle. I hope you eventually get your spy!
  9. lol, i love you. yes im obsessed!! I'm just gonna go now IN PERSON for a wisteria and another solid - i hope blueberry, the ACTUAL one this time lol.

    P.S. - Thanks to whoever moved this to where it was correctly suppossed to go, sorry bout posting it in the wrong section! :heart:
  10. It was totally unacceptable that they sent you a bag in that condition, but I have had time-wasting purchases from ELuxury (sent me hologram Spy Hobo instead of holgram Spy that I ordered) and Neiman Marcus (sent me some godawful ugly Chloe bag instead of choco Edith) and they only paid for return shipping. At least Saks has excellent return policy (60 days and cash not store credit). If you buy anything at a Fendi boutique they only give store credit.
  11. Totally right, I got a 100% refund on my credit card, plus the extra $50 hassle credit from the lady on the phone, which was super cool. If they gave me any trouble (they were forwarned not to, but you never know w/ ppl) i would have been sitting there now at this moment with 5 tubes of pizzalicious pringles and a carton of Dasani, camped out on the floor of my new home (saks handbag dept.) for however long it took to credit my card. :jammin:
  12. Sorry this happened to you. Thanks for sharing the story - - I will think twice before buying anything from saks.com.
  13. well this is similar but not the same.

    my mom and i go to saks. shopping in the st john section. she finds a dress she likes but not in her size. we order it. they say that we should get it in a few days. i don't want to wait so the next day i go to bloomies and they have one last dress in that style in her size. monday i call saks and leave a message for the SA to cancel the order, we dont need it.

    wed my mom gets a letter from saks that they don't have the dress and her order is cancelled (um i already cancelled it). saturday she gets the dress IN THE WRONG SIZE delivered to her house. i called saks they apologized and said they would get back to me. monday, still nothing. i call and get very upset, they say they will send a messenger tues to pick it up. by wed with the dress still downstairs i am fuming. finally call saks again and they get someone there that day i believe.

    after christmas i go to the early am 26th sale. bought my mom a ton of sj. one dress she didn't like but i did. it was 290 after everything. i go to see if they can alter it, they can't. they order me a new one in a different size. BUT i cannot get the same price i paid even though i just want to do an even exchange because it's coming from another store. what?

    3 days later i get a package from saks. it's is a st john blue jacket in a totally different size than the BLACK DRESS i even ordered. sigh. i called saks and they told me that they would order the dress again and credit me the difference in the dress so i could get the original price when i went to bring the jacket back.

    last night i got the right dress in the right size but i am DONE with saks for anything other than instore. what a nightmare.
  14. WOW...I've never ordered from Saks.com, but now I'll think twice next time I'm considering it!!! Those are really frustrating and time-consuming sounding experiences!!!

    Sorry to hear about these experiences...and good luck with future purchases!!!
  15. Ugh I'm sorry!!
    I had a problem with Saks once simply getting a refund for the difference of some perfume I bought my mom in the store. I THOUGHT the amount sounded wrong, then I realized the girl had gotten me the wrong box and had already charged me. So I asked to exchange it, then she had to send me up to the 3rd floor to get my refund with this code number since the receipt wasn't printing. Once I got to the the 3rd floor, the guy kept trying to put the number in the computer because it wouldnt go through. Finally he just did it manually and it went through...I was there for a good 45 minutes waiting to get my $50 refund. Ugh...that made me so mad. It's not as horrible as your story of course, but don't feel bad..you're not the only one who is disgusted with Saks. :cursing: