Disgusted with LV- long post!

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  1. I'm absolutely fuming right now. As some of you might know, I purchased a mono groom key and change holder, which chipped straight away so I took it back and replaced it with a new one. But the next one did exactly the same thing in less time than the first one, so after much debate (and after seeking advice from my fellow tpfers, I took it back again. This is at the Leeds store in England, by the way. I explained the situation to the SA, who got the manager. I proceeded to explain the situation to him, and he immediately gave me attitude. It's not like I gave him any- I just explained the situation in a normal manner- I was scared myself, taking it back again-giving him attitude was not on my agenda. I've ever met anybody so condescending and patronising in my entire life- in this condescending tone he told me (or rather, he lectured me) that they weren't made perfect, as they were supposed to chip to give it a vintage look (or something along that line). He said that he would exchange it for me but this would be the last time (which is fair enough, I can accept that since I'd already taken one back). I took the new one and looked it over as I wanted it to be perfect- I spotted some marks on the main white stripe where it looked like the paint hadn't reached it, and I enquired 'what are those little marks?' to which he responded (in a sloooowwww voice, as if he were talking to a two year old) something along the lines of 'they're not perfect, they aren't supposed to be'. He said this in an increasingly aggressive tone, as if I were being foolish for checking it. He was really 'in my face'. I was so taken aback,:shocked: I just didn't know what to say. After this he asked me if I would like it gift wrapped, at which I replied 'no thank you' (in an abrupt voice- I was becoming incredibly angry). I don't know why he asked this- why the hell would I want it gift- wrapped when he knew it was for me. He said it in a 'deliberate ' way, if you get my meaning, as if I'd been so bad and so fussy that he might as well go the full hog and offer me that as well. I just took the bag from him and walked out. I've never been so disgusted in my entire life, nor have I ever been spoken down to in that manner before. I most certainly did not expect that kind of behaviour from the manager of Louis Vuitton. It has made me question my loyalty to the brand, as I don't pay big bucks to be treated like a ten year old with an IQ of 2. Also, why, if it is made to chip intentionally, is this not mentioned before one buys it? I'm sure most people wouldn't bother if they knew of this (that is, if what he says was true). Why didn't the SA tell me that the first time I purchased it, and the first time I took it back then? Has anybody else been told this? I shall not be buying anything from the Leeds store again, I shall stick to Manchester. I always thought that LV staff were friendly and unpretentious, that's why I liked to buy it. But it looks like I've been proved wrong. I haven't been this furious in a long time. I refuse to be treated in such a disgusting manner. LV shall most certainly be hearing from me. Rant over.:censor:
  2. Sorry, I did warn you it was going to be long!
  3. OMG, I can't believe this! And this is from the manager! I would def. complain; how awful! I'm sorry this happened to you...
  4. You need to write to Louis Vuitton.com and file a complaint. Pure and simple you should have not been treated that way. I know how apprehensive you were in taking the second one back. I am glad that you at least were able to get a new one. Don't let this go please...
  5. I definitely will complain, though I'll be surprised if I hear back from them... It's amazing how one fool can put you off a whole brand- I don't even want to see my Louis Vuitton atm.:cursing:
  6. Hi, OMG this is awful. I myself use the manchester store and the manager there is very insulting to me. She doesnt even answer me, she nods. the other SA's are nice. this store manager sounds awful and I 100% would complain. Im so sorry to hear about this. Louis Vuitton Groom, what a load of old tat !. So have you now got the one with marks on it ? or what did u get ?.
  7. I'd like to thank you for giving me the courage to take it back in the first place:flowers: as I probably wouldn't have done otherwise. I knew that they weren't going to be happy about me returning it yet again, but I've never experienced that kind of treatment before (and hope to never experience it again). I won't let it go, but I'm worried that LV just won't care and won't even bother to reply.
  8. Aw- its not his fault..you got to make him feel welcomed!!:yes:
  9. You never know unless you try. ;)
  10. Well normally I go to the Manchester store, and find them all fine ( though I haven't yet encountered their manager...) I took this back to the Leeds store, as I go to uni there. They gave me a new one , but I'm afraid to use it now.... I just don't know who these people think they are, I would never dream of speaking to somebody in that way.
  11. Oh no, that is terrible! I would definatley call and complain.
  12. I am not surprise anymore. There are so many SA who thinks they are the bomb just because they work there. Why don't you send your complains to 1-866-Vuitton or you can write to them. At least you are letting them know what is going on in that particular store, and if the manager is treating other customers like that, hopefully they will complain too, and I'm sure he will eventually get fired because of multiple complaints. I'm sorry that this happened to you, and I can relate in a way. My SA is kinda' rude too, but your SA was way out of line, and I try to change SA but they keep referring me back to him, ugh!
  13. I made a formal written complaint to corporate once. There was no response whatsoever, not even a form letter. I'll never bother again.

    Can you take it back to a different LV?
  14. yeah this is just awful, they work for Louis vuitton, they dont own it !.
  15. SORRy that happened to you!

    I've been in sales too, and sometimes I too get frustrated with customers and sometimes the way I would talk would come out differently than how I want it to come out.

    I agree with you, they should have told you either when you first bought it or when you first returned it to expect chipping. I think you should complain as a manager should not have spoken to you like that. They are supposed to change the situation to a positive to reflect a positive appeal to their brand not anger a customer even more!