Disgusted with Ebay once again!

  1. Ok, so I listed a Chanel bag on eBay 5 days ago. The bag is really nice I received alot of questions, bids and praise for the bag. Today, the auction ended and like always when the timing is close I try getting on to answer any last min. questions etc. I got on maybe like 20 min before the auction ended. The winner had not bidded previously it was a last minute bid. So it sold well and rather then me sending a invoice 2min afte the auction ended (I think that is kind of ridiculous) I got off and did some things around the house. One hour later I check my e-mail and I received one from eBay. So apparently, I receive a message stating: that is it was canceled because bidding took place without the account owner's authorization. What kind of crap is that, AFTER, the bidding ended they do that? I feel that they need to do some sort of investigation as to whether that person has done that before. All of these make this worse:

    They completely took the auction link and disabled it (I cannot even do a second chance offer etc)
    I cannot relist as there is no previous listing to relist (they took it down completely)
    I wasted 5 whole days for nothing and so did the honest buyers
    I had to type everything up and include that letter they sent me into my auction, so that buyers do not feel like I am doing some kind of foul play.

    They do not give a reason as to why that listing was removed when you enter the item number. I hate eBay right about now they are getting more and more ridiculous!

    Sorry, I had to vent:cursing:
  2. This is happening ALOT! There is another thread on here about this happening, will post it for you to have a look at.
  3. I think they owe you for your time that was wasted.
  4. This happened to me 2 weeks ago. Two hours after the auction ended they pulled it because someone who bid on it said their account had been hijacked. It had 15 bids, 25 watchers and had run 7 days. And it vanished so I had to relist from scratch...

    On the bright side, the second time the auction ran it sold for $200 more and the high bidder was a good one.
  5. Wow, I felt like this was some crazy situation I was the only one in. This is ridiculous Ebay is getting worse and worse week by week. Caannie I'm glad it worked out for the better for you. I listed it again with a BIN (that was close to the winning bid) and best offer option. It just makes me more and more against buying or selling there, situations like these that is. I realize more and more that the boycott/strike is needed and hopefully changes will come.

    Mooks thank you for the heads up I guess this is something that has been happening too often lately. It is a shame that they are not looking into they just "solve" the problem pull ending these listings (not to mention AFTER it was ended already). I get fired up just thinking about this.

    Thanks Ladies hopefully something will be done where a seller is not punished for these scammers or Ebay's ridiculous rules.
  6. Go into google. Do a search using your keywords. If your listing shows up, hit "Google Cache" which is right by the listing. You might be able to salvage it that way. Copy all the text and open another tab to relist it. Do not close the first window until you are done.
  7. do u knw why ebay is doing al these stuff at last minute? how does ebay know sits genuine claim vs buyer remorse?:confused1: