Disgusted with Comcast Shopping search

  1. Comcast put up a big box of "Fall styles" yesterday with a search function, so I thought I'd take a look.
    Well, it was really shocking. Here we have one of the major players in broadband connection, offering its members links to shopping activities -- and 100% of the handbags I saw under the title Prada were fake. And BAD fakes. I didn't go past the first page of results but not a Bluefly, Styledrops or even Overstock.com among them -- just these horrid rip off artists who sell bags for 250 or so.

    It just REALLY bothered me.
  2. That would bother me too. enough that I would look for a way to email them about their crime of selling fake bags.

    That's Comcast for you. When we lived in Illinois, they were our cable provider, and they did the dumbest things.
  3. :sick:
  4. We had comcast for abour a year and a half...so nothing they do surprises me. They have the worst customer service, ever...period. We switched about 2 years ago and I have been so glad.