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  1. This is not the first time this has been reported to me, and finally I've had enough.

    Apparently it's common practice in the Hermes community that members turn on each other and try to ruin other's reputation and relationships with the brand itself.

    I am no expert, but one thing I learned over the past two years is that one's relationship with the sale staff at Hermes is the most important thing that determines one's accessibility of certain limited items. I also learned that Hermes does not look highly on resellers; apparently you can get yourself blacklisted from the brand easily when you get caught reselling their precious bags or buying from resellers yourself.

    What appears to be happening quite frequently is that tPF members get jealous over other's frequent acquisitions, they proceed to go to Hermes and start spinning lies about the frequent shoppers, like that the bags purchased were resold and/or that the frequent shoppers also purchased from resellers. Are you serious? One is jealous over another's reputation/relationship so then they'll try to ruin it and get the person blacklisted?

    I am disgusted and furious about this lowlife practice, it does seem that bags do get out the worst in people. I would have thought that dealing with a classy brand would require class on the customer end, obviously that doesn't hold true in some cases.

    If I find out that you've participated in such practice, it won't me long to get you off our forum.
  2. That's awful! :cursing:

    I wished we were all just a community of mutual enablers but not that!
  3. incredible. i don't know what to say. i've heard it mentioned in another post - i think it was kellybag's, but i'm not sure - that such a thing occurred and was semi-traced back to tPf. i don't know if posters or lurkers are doing such a thing, but please people, get over yourselves! don't think that damaging someone's reputation increases your own odds of getting a bag, or enhances your reputation. nor will it help your karma any. plus, if you're so miserable to do something like this in the first place, trust me, you won't be any more of a pleasant or likeable person after you've done it.
  4. as you should be, vlad. i've heard of one instance, but i had no idea that it was occurring regularly. it's unconscionable, petty and vile . . . and if i find out about anyone who's done it i'll report them to you so fast they won't know what hit them.
  5. I'm astounded and shocked that people can be so mean to go around doing this.
  6. i did not know this existed ,maybe because i am in a place where hardly anyone from the forum visits my store
  7. Oh wow. I'm sad to see this.:yucky: :yucky:

    Thanks for posting Vlad.
  8. It is very hard to imagine as I feel everyone is friendly here - but as with anything, in any group, there are always some that enjoy stirring up trouble....I hope they get weeded out and quick!
  9. I had this done to me on the LV subforum, thus one reason why LV has lost its appeal...
  10. wow. i don't even know what to say. i can't imagine why on earth someone would even think to do that? it's a handbag. granted a really nice one but enough to sully someone's reputation and as someone else said- incur horrible karma for yourself? i don't think so.

    thanks vlad for bringing this to light.
  11. Yuk. That's so low and ugly. Bad seeds to sow. Those meanies are going to grow one disgusting crop.
  12. WHOA! Words fail me.

    I can only say that between reading this and a recent unpleasant interaction I had with another poster here, I am even more disinclined to share my experiences about my *H* purchases and so forth. How will I know that I won't be stabbed in the back?

    Obviously. This appalling practice you've related is just another example that all the money and *H* bags in the world cannot buy or impart class.
  13. Wow! I'm shocked!
  14. Didn't even know this was going on. Why would someone do that???
  15. i think the point is that whoever is doing that needs to get a life and go get some FRESH AIR! you're pathetic and you can have your Hermes SA's and your privileged waiting lists all to yourself if it's that important to you. But what a lonely and sad old cow you be. :cursing:
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