Disguisting Fake Reporter on Ebay!!

  1. Before I even clicked on this thread, I knew which one you were talking about. It's disgusting, and the fact that someone will pay $800 for it makes me sick.
  2. Yuk,, someone should message the poor winning bidder- she might not even suspect??
  3. ^That's against eBay rules! I'm sure one of us, or all of us, would have done it already if it wasn't. I'd love to warn them, though.
  4. Wow they are also shill bidding!

    *reports them*
  5. The bidder is the seller btw
  6. Wow really :hysteric:
  7. There's only one bidder on the auction, therefore, the seller can't be shill bidding..
  8. ^^^:shame: . Stupid question but what is shill bidding? :shame:
  9. It's when a seller creates a different ID to bid on their own auction, or has their friend(s) do it, in some cases. It's usually obvious if you look at the bidding history, and there are numerous, small margin bids by a person with no feedback.

    Edited to add: It's definitely not a stupid question! I wasn't familiar with it until recently, I'm sure many still don't know what it is. You just happened to be the first one to ask!
  10. OMG, that is crazy!! People these days..