Disgruntled, but here's some new Tods pics. to look at

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  1. I've been calling Tods and haven't been able to find that perfect bag in a size and color I want:sad2: Speaking of red bags (other thread), I've been searching for a red in the size I want...no luck! Anyways, this other Tods store sent me new pics....

    Thought you might like to see them too!

    I like the white Benji bag which just came out (the white bag that is rounded on the bottom), but they don't make this in red either:evil: (maybe elux. will get them since they have different buyers?!-hoping) This bag is going to be in their new ad. compaign! The white milky nomade here is pretty cute too. The other bag is the paro shopping media....they're checking on the red...but I'm not sure is I like the style yet...

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  2. Ohhh I like the teal blue (the third one)!:love: That reminds me of the colour of lost teal blue spy I wanted:smile: . Good luck in searching for the red colour bag!!:P :biggrin: . Fun fun!!
  3. Are those bags Tod's newest styles and colours? Thanks for posting pics!
  4. I hope you got my pm? You know I think you would enjoy the red grande, since you have the BV, they're about the same measurements. I tried the media and the size is not much different than the grande, except that the length is about 2-3 inches more. I chose the grande because it had a nicer shape than the usual shaped tote "boxy". Hope this helps you out.
  5. Ohhh I like the paro shopping media! Would you know how much it was?
  6. i love those bags.
    you have such great taste.
  7. Thanks, got the PM. I'm still playing with the possibility of the grande....its just that this bag wouldn't be able to be both a shoulder and tote bag?! i like both options, but then again, I've also been looking at this Celine bag, and its only tote:evil: The Bv I have is the same measurements, but because it is a hobo, when worn, the size is actually much smaller since the bag shapes out. Anyways, I decided about the boxy Tods, because the smaller one is only 7 inches in height (plus no red), and the bigger only is almost 17 inches in length....way too long for me!

    I'm going to be getting new pics from Tods, hope they find something nice:biggrin: They said they have the paro shopping media in red! Can't wait to see if this is cute! Anyways, as my previous threads have hinted, i'm rolling these ideas with some LV Epi choices (red/black), alma or speedy 25 if I can't decide.....just itching for a new bag! Can't go wrong with a classic ...


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  8. The paro shopping media is going for 1145 in NM, but the Tods Honolulu store I called is selling if for about 900 ish....forgot exactly. There is also the paro shopping grande if you are interested. The media is about 12.5 by 9.5...they also have the paro media in the red shade....I'm waiting for a pic of it. Hope this helps!

  9. ahhh, thanks:love: I love them too, i am so torn about what to do...

    i like the teal shade paro too....but am wondering if it would be too impractical for with that shade of blue? Nice to look at though.

  10. these are definitely the newest styles (benji still to arrive in the store!) and colors. The colors this season include the following: Opal (light blue), Avio (dark blue), black, white, off white, lemone (yellow), Vachetta (light brown), Folio (medium to dark green), chiaro brandy (richer brown than the Vachetta), and rosso (the red)!

    As you can tell, I've been doing my Tods research for the season!!! The SA in Honolulu commented on how I knew more than he, I just laughed:P

  11. i don't find that shade of blue impractical!! i think it is gorgeous!
  12. hmmmm, sounds like you are interested in the bag too....hehe:biggrin:

  13. hehehe:smile:
  14. I really like the color of the bag in the third picture, and the shape of the bag in the fourth. Tod's...drool :love: .
  15. Suli, i really think the fourth shape is really nice too....the SA even said there is a smaller sized one coming in (this one is about 16 by11 that you're seeing) no red, so we'll see Wonder if the fourth comes in the blue shade...:idea: I bet that would look nice... (hope you saw the tote in this blue shade in the other post!)

    Here's the fourth in other shades from NM. I think the white is really nice....but, of course, the inevitable problem of getting it dirty!


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