Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent shoes


Mar 22, 2011
Couple of days ago I purchased malibu sneakers at the Saint Laurent boutique , the next day i took a closer look at the shoes and realized that I was sold a defective shoes with torn stitching. Under the insole, the seam is entirely torn. The hole inside the shoe, because of the seam that has come out, so big that I literally can put my finger in there.

Never expected such a poor quality from the SL brand.

The next day I brought back shoes to the boutique and requested for a refund as the sold to me item was obviously defective.

The person who handled my case in store DID NOT admit that the torn seam and hole inside the shoe is a defect!!! This is insane, he gave me some pokerface look and instead of saying sorry for that they sold me this crap he started to ask back silly questions like a) do I always remove insole on my brand new shoes ? b) how does torn seam and the hole affect the wearability of the shoes, because in his opinion it DOES NOT.

To me this is unacceptable treatment, service and the way how my case and request was handled is just BAD.

After me being persistent that the shoes are defective and should not be sold with this quality to the end customer, manager at the store created some repair request and told me to wait undefined amount of time. He said its December and a holiday period so he is not sure when I will get response from the company on my refund request.

Funny part that im travelling and purchase was made not in my home country, now they keep the shoes for inspection and if by the time of of my departure case wont be resolved I either have to leave with no shoes no money or ask to give me back this broken pair which im not gonna wear even if its given for free. Just unbelievable experience.
For those who consider new purchases carefully inspect evertyhgin you buy BEFORE you pay, unless you want to end up in arguments with the store that tells you that holes and torn seam is not a defect its a new norm fro SL! photo_1.jpg photo_2.jpg


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
So sorry about your poor experience. :sad:

While I have never bought YSL sneakers, I have bought their boots and heels and worn them for years without issue.

I have heard that YSL sneakers are not the best quality. :hrmm: I have also heard that they are extremely uncomfortable, difficult to break into, and have a tendency to cut into the back ankle. :doh:

I hope you get your refund as soon as possible!


Apr 17, 2019
From YSL, I have a slip on sneaker and canvas espadrilles. Both have worn nicely. I did not remove inner sole but I’ve done this with my Nike Jordan’s.

Personally, I would have asked to pull soles of other pairs. It’s not a sect if it’s the same


May 14, 2015
This is how Dior Men sneakers are made, too. I was made to feel crazy when I showed my sales associate the atrocious interior constriction. This is a reminder that Saint Laurent is just Zara with a higher price point now.