Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much! That is exactly the reassurance I was looking for!
  2. I understand this is a fairly old post, but just thought I’d share I’ve been using my toy daily for the past three months and it’s still pristine. I’m happily surprised by how tough the leather is. Sorry for all those who’ve had bad experiences!

    My only suggestion would be to buy in person so you can inspect the Loulou before walking away with it, as there are people who’ve been mailed defective ones after buying online.
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  3. Extremely disappointed in the quality of YSL! I bought a brand new College bag and it came with cracked edges in several place, poor stitching and loose threads. For almost $3K CDN this is completely unacceptable! I bought a better constructed Cassie Coach bag for about 20% of this bag price. Going to exchange it and hopefully get a better replacement bag. If I have the same issue I will officially break up with YSL.

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  4. Yikes! The leather shouldn't crack this easily, especially when it is new.
  5. LV forum has a lot of defect issues too.
  6. This thread is giving me nightmares.
  7. I have this bag in gray and have same issue. It seems to be common from my experience!
  8. With LV you go to the store no questions ask they will repair or exchange the bag. With YSL they take the bag in for 2 months and call you to take it back without a repair
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  9. That's the scary part.
  10. are the sac de jours of excellent quality? In croc? Am also thinking of getting one of them in burgundy. Hope there isn't going to be peeling leather or anything in a year.. :/
  11. Anyone else who experienced the same issue?

    I might be pulling the trigger soon on a small and I would like to know if this is common. I’ve heard the same issue from someone else.
  12. I've had relatives and few friends with YSL goods and none of them seem to be complaining about their merchandises ;). Tbh, people who complain here are the minorities within the YSL base, the bad ones that are reviewed is because people want to remind others what they are experiencing. The best way to measure if something is worthwhile, is to probably check em out yourself! That way, you can trust your own instincts (reviews can get confusing sometimes)
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