Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

  1. Hermes has flaws & defects too
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  2. Good to know thank you. I assumed they were fine since on their forum there are no complaints whatsoever whereas here or in the Chanel forum, lot of quality issues are reported.
  3. I’ve had a Hermes flaw and a couple of Chanel ones. Both exchanged without issue, but my SDJ is in excellent condition and I use it a lot.

    I think complaints are something people will write about because they’re annoyed. But fewer people will write to praise :smile:
  4. Has anyone had any issues with the metal chain rusting? I had my first bag for about a month and noticed the chain turning a rust color on the sides. Since I purchased it online, they were willing to exchange or refund but ultimately allowed me go exchange at a boutique near me. After about 2 weeks of using the new bag i noticed a lot of rusting as well. Exchanging at this point would be a huge hassle since it is now a product of the boutique as opposed to online murchandise. But for $2150 I’m extremely disappointed. The picture is actualltbrh chain from the first bag, the discoloring of the chain on the second bag is much more apparent.
  5. Has anybody had this happen to their WOC and if so, what type of repair do you think is needed? It seems that part of the leather is peeling off leaving an ugly lighter layer which is very visible once it actually comes off. So disappointed :/
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  6. I just purchased my first YSL Lou lou from Saks fifth avenue. It arrived via Fed Ex today and it seems poorly constructed or defective. The right side of the purse is wider and the left side of the purse is very scrunched together. The side that is scrunched together makes it so when I try to retract the chain into the bag that it sits outside of the purse. I have attached photos to show the differences in the two sides. Am I being too picky? I feel for a purse that is almost $2000 that this should not be acceptable *especially* since it makes the chain retract improperly. Can Anyone who has a leather lou lou let me know if this is standard construction for the bag? Thanks!!
    purse good side no flash.jpg purse bad side no flash.jpg purse bad side with chain.jpg
  7. I have the same bag and bought it from a official YSL shop in Spain. After use of the bag of around 4-5 months I have exactly the same problem as what you have on your picture. The leather seems to peel at the back of the bag and we brought it back to the store, they have send the bag to
    Italy and after 1 month I received a call that the bag is not repairable and that is just wear and that they won’t exchange the bag. I could pickup the bag or they would destroy it if i won’t accept the bag back at the stage how it is now. This is my second YSL bag and it would be the last one to. I don’t know where to complain anymore ....
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    Here some pictures of the bag
    On the side it already had a dent the first day that I bought the bag but I went the next day on a holiday so I accepted the dent but didn’t know that the leather was so fragile that by rubbing the leather would peel of the color. Quality of the leather is just not good for a 1790€ bag