Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. Where do you shop where you can send stuff back? I bought my first YSL at a boutique in Toronto and I could have sworn the sign by the cash register said no refunds, store credit only. Is that normal?
  2. I’m disappointed in the quality of YSL bags :sad: I have a Monogramme shopper tote in white with GHW and the gold on the magnet lock has faded

    I fear for the rest of the hardware and I’m looking for ways to bring the gold back. I know there is no home remedy but perhaps bringing it to a bag repair shop to have the hardware replated? Idk.

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  3. Sorry for my late reply!

    Unfortunately I don’t live nearby a Saint Laurent boutique, so I buy mostly online or whenever I’m in a bigger city.
    Online I tend to order from Net-A-Porter or Mytheresa.
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  4. Nordstrom’s.
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  5. Hi, I am new to this forum but I love the loulou bag. I purchased it about 3 months ago from YSL.combecause no one else had the navy medium in stock. After two months of wear, the chain began turning a rust color. After much back and forth between the online representative and the boutique, I was able to go fo my nearest boutique and exchange for a new bag. By no fault but my own I failed to analyze the bag in store and only noticed about two days later that the inner crease by the back flap has a white line of excess glue on it as well as some exposed stitching. I spoke with an online representative who told me that I would need to drive out to the boutique, give them back this bag, have them send my other bag back to the online warehouse and then online would issue my return. I’m curious to know if anyone else would be as finicking about this as I am or if I should just let it go and turn a blind eye as opposed to the hassle of going through with all the steps to process a return and a repurchase. Your feedback is much appreciated!
  6. I’m sorry I’m not sure if my pictures posted...

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  7. I think it looks fine. You can't really see it unless you open the flap all the way back. I would just keep this. A newer bag may have the same problem.
  8. I’ve had issues with my large saint Laurent kate. It’s been repaired twice now and the leather lining at the top has cracked only after using it once after it’s second repair. In the year I’ve owened it it was away for repair for 3-4 months in total.

    I’m so disgusted by their service, the store manager at the Sloane Street store accused me of overusing the bag and said that wearing double chain will make the bag crack (which doesn’t make sense because double chain alleviates the pressure). I’ve only used my bag less than 20 times in the year I’ve owned it and the cracking on the leather is absolutely inexcusable. I baby my bags and take good care of them. Heck, my kate bag looks news and little to no signs of wear except on the metal chain where the metal rubs against each other. They’re only accepting exchanges (but they made it clear this is normal wear and tear). How is my bag cracking after using it once after the second repair normal wear and tear? I’m so disgusted by YSL. I absolutely love them but after this experience I’m not so sure anymore. You can clearly see the bag cannot handle the pressure from the chains (and I don’t overstuff my bag).

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  9. But the Kate bag is not meant to be worn double strapped like that. It was designed to be worn as a long single strap. If you double it up like that the chain is obviously going to put wear and tear on the leather and piping. Every time you move it will cause scuffing to the side. The store also advises not to carry it this way. You can perhaps try tying the chain inside the bag to make it shorter. You can’t really blame YSL it you are not using the bag in the intended way it was designed.
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  10. That’s my point, I wore it double chain once (to the store to complain about the issue. And if you look closely at the pictures you will see one of the cracks is exactly where the metal touches the leather, that occurred from wearing it single chain. So explain to me, why and how is it normal wear and tear if I have only used the bag once after it’s second repair and wore it single chain (as I usually do)? The bag cracked with single chain use and that was only once. I wore it double chain only once as I was coming to to the store (to complain about the bag) out the tube and it was crowded. The manager saw me wear it double chain (which is not how I normally use it) and ran with it.
  11. Oh and how is the crack on the hinges justified? This occurred after only using it once.
  12. Super disappointing you've gone through this. I have the YSL Kate bag too (tho in the small size). I've had my bag for over 6 months and it's still in pristine condition, although I'm always very cautious with how I wear my bag to prevent wear and tear on the outer piping,

    How are you wearing it single strapped? If the chain feeds entirely through, it shouldn't be touching the outer piping at all (see bag on the left). However if you're looping the chain to the top of the bag (see bag on the right of attachment) the chain would rub on the piping and cause strain even wearing it single strapped. I would recommend wearing the bag the first way (left photo) and tying a ribbon on the inside to shorten it if you need to.

    If YSL refuses to fix it, perhaps go to a leather specialist to get it reglazed again? Goodluck!

    P.S. photo credit to youtuber bagsanddrags


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  13. Hi, it is because you are wearing it in a way that makes the chain touch the outer piping which would definitely damage the outer glazing on any handbag. The chain is putting pressure and rubbing on it. Just my suggestion to wear the bag single strapped and tie inside to make it shorter. If not this will continue to happen and cause damage to the bag. I hope that helps :smile:
  14. Hi all

    I purchased my first YSL bag from the airport store and when i unboxed it ... i realized the stitching has pop at the bottom. I haven’t even used it. I thought i did check it at the store but looks like I missed this. At the store, the SA said they haven’t received complaints about defects about the particular WOC so i’m surprised that when I brought this back, immediately there was a defect.... and I thought i checked..!

    Disappointing as it means I have to go back to the store for an exchange. Troublesome. I really like this WOC.... And i thought the caviar type of leather will be more durable than lam skin. Hope i won’t have problems getting an exchange at the store ....


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  15. Oh my I'm so shocked to read all of this. I was gonna get a baby Sac de Jour but I won't. They should be ashamed of themselves, treating customers like this. I'm so sorry you girls had issues with your bags.
    I'm so angry though, I feel like besides from Hermès, all bags are flawed. I remember how I struggled with my Chanel, had to replace it 3 times! But at least the customer service was helpful.
    Thinking about it now, it's crazy that all the bags I ever bought were flawed considering the prices we have to pay for them.