Disfigured by new dental clinic

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  1. I rarely write reviews but I am writing this review to warn about a relatively new clinic that has become recently popular because it is cheap. I won't mention the name of the clinic until after May because I need to see what can be done to fix this. But this clinic has completely disfigured me after Two-jaw surgery. Before the surgery I looked young (people said I looked 16) and my face was very symmetrical and now after I look very old and asymmetrical. All the doctors in the US that I have been to have said this surgery was not a success and I don't look okay at all. Because of this, they can't fix me. I stupidly listened to other people say he was a good doctor because him and his staff are nice. NICE means nothing if your face becomes disfigured in the end. Now one jaw is bigger than the other, only my bottom teeth show so I look like an elderly person even though I'm 25, I can't smile anymore, I have an indent on my chin, my teeth aren't aligned, my lips aren't aligned, my lips are too small and just many many more complications. They told me to wait six months and I did and it only made matters worse especially when I started to sag. The doctor also told me that I should lose weight to fix my problems! And I'm already skinny! In the end he will not take responsibility and there is no good after care at all. All they wanted was their money and then they left me out in the cold.
    I will write more later but right now I just feel like dying and have nothing but regret.
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  2. Omg that doctor should be disqualified!! So sorry to hear this happened :sad:. I was thinking of going to the Face Dental, I hope it is not that one :nogood: but I am not going till summer so I will wait for you to post the name after May. There is also a negative clinic experiences thread if you want to warn people there


    I hope you are ok :heart: :nogood:
  3. I am sorry to hear what has happned to you Carnation !!!! Hope your situation will improve soon!

    And did you go to the face dental or everm? I know from my friends that went to the face dental that Dr Lee would give a 6 months guarantee that if you are unhappy with the result he would do a revision...... I hope that's the case for you if that it true. Do contact the clinic no matter what and ask for that term if so. Anyway, I hope you will get better soon!
  4. My heart goes out to you :sad: and I really pray that the clinic will take responsibility.

    I totally agree that NICE means nothing when it comes to PS because we're not looking for life partners! The doctors and staff at the clinic (View, in case anyone is wondering) I went to are NICE too but my eyes turned out bad.

    Meanwhile, as hard as it is..try not to regret because it'll only make you feel worse :sad: *hugs*
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  5. Sorry to hear that...I think you should definitely try to do something about it. Try to contact someone who is a specialist in protection of patients' rights in a country where your procedure was done. Maybe you should also contact lawyers.
  6. Carnation, I know it's hard now but don't give up. Even if the doctor refuses to take responsibility, there is another doctor in Korea who can fix it. If they shaved off too much bone, I believe bone cement can be used to make your face symmetrical again.

    Hopefully, if it's the face dental they would step forward and make things right.
  7. So sorry to hear that :sad: I'm sure that there is something that can be done to fix your problem! Just hang in there and try to do as much as research as you can to find the solution to your problem. Maybe the clinic eventually might do something about it! Have faith!!!
  8. So sad this happen to someone else too. I also made the mistake by listening to people and going to a new popular clinic and end up looking 10 years older because of fat graft! Who knew that fat graft can do that. When I asked why this happen the doctor said "I don't know". People I spoke to said this doctor is very nice but I agree with you, who care if he nice if he disfigure you! We should all be careful with these new popular clinics in future. I even feel guilty I brought my Aunt along and she only did botox but they make her eyebrows one up one down? Can't even give botox properly.
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  9. oh my thats terrible >< which clinic was this. im getting a fat graft soon... orz
  10. Fat grafting needs to be injected very deep, underneath the muscles, for volume only (not suitable as a dermal filler). Otherwise, it will pull down your facial skin and muscles, which causes sagging and loose skin.

    Even when it's injected deeply it can fall. Especially if you don't have enough bone structure to support, say, cheek fat.

    Body fat is much heavier than facial fat. Our fat cells are different.

    In the years to come, there will be many saggy faces in Korea and I predict that face lifts will suddenly become more popular as a result.

    Think about it, nothing that adds weight can reliably "lift" the face. It has to go somewhere, and that way is down.
  11. I did at Baum. New clinic and recently become popular. Its no good at all to have the doctor say "I don't know" when I wanted an explanation and to have the staff become lack of responsiveness to me now that I have problem makes me feel like they take my money and don't give a crap about me. I did my nose there also and it is too manly a nose for me but I can still accept it. My friends who did nose there were not happy either. They said it is too long and manly. Baum is only good for one type of nose. I see the man rhinoplasty surgery they do and it is quite good but for women that type of nose is not good for us. Their fat graft and botox doctor is also very bad no skill at all. How do you make someone eyebrow lopside with botox and make someone look 10 year older with fat graft!

    Heylo I wish I knew that fat graft is not that easy. I thought it is very easy so I just did it all at the same clinic. If I knew I would go to a doctor that specialty is fat graft.
  12. I can't wait to find out if the clinic mentioned isTFD
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    Sorry to hear about your experience and thanks for your review
  14. I am very sorry to hear of your botched procedure @carnation. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for being brave enough to share and to name the clinic! It will save a lot of future heartache for others. I hope someone can help you regain your youthful face.
  15. hello Carnation
    Iam sincerly sorry to hear this especially after how long it took you to recover. did the dr do the complete opposite of what you asked for in the consultation????