Discussion Thread: Lets Chat!

  1. Snitched this idea from the Chloe Forum! A chance to chat about anything Choo!:nuts:
  2. Or just chat in general! Has anyone seen Mamma Mia? Christine Baranski appeared to be wearing JC flats in silver? Great movie!
  3. I was just thinking of this today! We do need a general chat thread...good idea Muggles!

  4. Great idea muggles! I saw Mama Mia twice and wouldn't mind seeing it again. If you like musicals it's just fantastic music with great dance routines and it's like an explosion of color with the costumes and sets they've used. Greece is so beautiful you just want to walk out of the theater and drive straight to the airport and hop a plane there. Just a fun campy good time. Meryl Streep has a pretty damn good voice and they have a really fun 5 min segment after the credits which is pretty histerical especialy for all of us -50, 50 and +50 gals :p
  5. ^^ABSOLUTELY!!! Saw it yesterday, loved it, ran out and bought music to it! Meryl rocked! A beautiful love story! And yes I want to run away to Greece with Pierce Brosnan!l
  6. I went several weeks ago and loved it. I had seen the stage version and couldn't wait when I heard the movie was coming. My DH is so sick of me playing the ABBA cd.:p
  7. I heard great reviews about this movie. Hey, it's next top grossing film just behind Batman (which I also haven't seen).

    How long is the movie? Know how musicals are typically long?
  8. Hello Miss Abi!! I so hope you are feeling fantastic and that all is well with the little guy/gal! :yes:

    About movies? I swear, that is the FIRST thing I ask/check out before I go to see a movie because my attention span is beyond minuscule. So if it's a long movie I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD so that I can pause it whenever I'm in the mood! :tup:
  9. The movie is about an hour and 47 minutes! It is so much fun, it is over before you know it and you want to see it again!
  10. A movie under 2 hours? Now THAT I can do! It seems movies are soooo long these days, I start to get restless.

    Thanks for posting the length of the movie Muggles....it does look super cute (I love Meryl Streep), I'll have to check it out now that I know it's a reasonable length! :tup:
  11. You will love it^^!! I thought maybe in one seen Christine Baranski has on silver flats and they look like JC's but I couldn't quite tell!:shrugs::shame:
  12. How many of you can just pop into the stores and check out all the new Choo's! How many of you have to drive hours to see anything? Just curious since there are no stores anywhere near me!
  13. I live in a big city and can drive or take the bus to 3 nearby stores that carry Choos. :nuts: But we don't have a Choo boutique here, although one was supposed to open next year....no idea on the status. :shrugs:
  14. Muggles, I live an hour away from any high-end designer boutiques, but it's a high end mall with lots of designers, and the NM there has lots of good stuff. We also have a NMLC and Off 5th --all of this is in Orlando, so it's a day trip for me - an hour drive time each way and of course--- shopping time!!

    Our local malls only have Dooney, Coach, Michael Kors, etc., and unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it), I've developed the high end taste.:drool: