DISCUSSION on the scribble line

  1. well this is a thread for the lovers of the scribble line.

    i didnt get to buy one but i hear a new line is coming out.

    post pics of your scribbles and tell us what you have.

    Feel free to do what u please haha.:nuts:
  2. I also love the scribble line, so cute.

    I have the Hamptons scribble pouch from last year (i'll post pics later).
    I can't wait to see the new line, though. I have a feeling I am going to have to get something from it.
  3. If any of you lovers are near a DSW shoe store, last week they had tons of Scribble tennis shoes.
  4. ;) I'm not a scribble advocate or anything, but I do think it's cute in certain colors... atrocious in others.... LOL....

    But I did fall in love with this tan combo from S/S 06, I just thought it looked really summery and neutral. I ended up loving the wallet so much, I just kept using in throughout fall and winter!! I am still using it right now (as you can see!), even though I've purchased about 3 different wallets since then.

    All reigns have to end sometime though... I am going shopping today and I have a feeling it is going to be replaced. It's definately a great wallet though! :yes:

    Enjoy the pics!:flowers:
  5. wow thanks girls and the khaki is a beauty =)
  6. I own a black and white scribble wallet, I am posting a collection (It needs updating) I bought the wallet to match my hamptons tote (matches the lining perfect!)

    here it is:
  7. I bought this because Macy's had it on sale for under $100, late this past summer. I have not used it because I feel too old!
    SCRB Multi.jpg
  8. well u can give it 2 me ;)
  9. black/white looks classic
    i lovee it.
  10. You're funny! I'm hoping to use it this spring. It seems to fit lots of stuff.
  11. [:sad: because i was being serious]

    haha :nuts: yeah perfect spring bag.
  12. i have the pastel tote from last spring...only decent thing my ex ever gave me. (and i can't bring myself to even look at it now...)

    and i have a khaki hobo on the way!
  13. do u know when the new lines comin?
  14. i have the pastel scribble hobo. love it! i like it better than the original primary colours? so perfect for spring!
  15. Me too- It was my first coach bag, actually!