Discussion: MJ Resort 2006

  1. Let's discuss Marc Jacobs Resort 2006 Collection here. =)
  2. Soft Calf Classics color Cocoa (golden push-lock hardware, soft blue suede lining). What do you think? Yay or Nay?

    (picture & description from shoptwigs online)
  3. YAY for blue suede lining. =) Recent colors from brown family (Whiskey and Nutmeg) were lined with neutral colors like tan.
  4. yummy, i wanna see the lining :nuts:
  5. YAY or NAY for Dianee (gold hardware & suede lining)?

    (pictures & description from thepursestore online)



  6. I don't really care for the Dianee--the asymmetry of it bothers me a little. I guess that's why I don't like the Dior gaucho bags as well.
  7. ^ I SO COMPLETELY LOVE the Dianee bag..LOL..IS it out yet???HUH????HEE!HEE!
  8. sorry dont like the diane either
  9. I love it too, it looks like an updated version of last season's Sporty Tote (you mentioned liking it). It's coming to stores any time now. Oh, Saks' F&F event is here soon Jill! =)

    Compared to Prada's recent bags, this bag is cheap. =)
  10. ^LOL! YEP..its a bargain!!!!HEE!HEE!
  11. I LOVE the cocoa MP....I think it's a gorgeous color. I like the color of the top-stitching too.:love: :love:

    I don't care for the Dianee...sorry! I can't explain why though. It's just odd looking to me.
  12. Jill, I called MJ SF for more information on Dianne (not here yet). =)
    Soft Calf Dianne ($1095) comes in Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Olive, and Scarlet.
  13. ^^Oooooo....Scarlett. I wonder how that will look. I bet that will be pretty!
  14. ^ AWE! You are too good to me!Thanks!Im dying to get this bag..LOL..HHMMM.Olive sounds fun too...:smile:
  15. any other info on resort? I've got a huge credit at the MJ SF store which totally sucks, because NOT A THING interests me right now.