Discussion: Members' Marc by Marc Jacobs Items

  1. (copied from Hermes forum)
    Please direct all comments, questions and discussion of the Members' Marc by Marc Jacobs thread in here! Thanks. =)
  2. Jen, you look FAB with all your MbyMJ purses. Velvet Frame Bag is gorgeous! Lila Tote is so pretty, the ties on the sides are cute! The Max Bag looks great too.

    I love them all, thank you so much for sharing. =)
  3. ^^Completely agree! Jen - your pics are gorgeous! You look amazing with all of your MBMJ bags!!:yes:
  4. awww!! thanks so much bag.lover and luvpurses!

    I'm more than happy to help out other members with how bags look on, I'm just glad I can contribute in some way :heart:
  5. Wow Jen, all of those MJ purses look FABULOUS on you! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Nice bags! One question about the lila tote - when did it come out and what were the colors? Is that the one with the monogram all over the bag?
  7. Ohh this post got lost! thank you gracefeng!!

    glamstudio - thanks! the lila tote came out in Spring of '06 and the only other color I can remember right now is a mustard/yellow color. There might've been a blue too but I'm not 100% sure. There's no monogram on the Lila tote. HTH! If you have more questions, dont hesitate to ask
  8. Purly - OMG! The tina looks like it was made for you! it looks great on you!!

    phoebe_baby - YUMMY! I'm soo glad you got it because it looks fab on you! I also like your haircut and TR ;)

    zeitgeist - wow! your brown looks almost metallic, soo pretty. cute outfit too

    Melissa - I'm glad you finally got you black bowler. I still remember the trouble you went through to get it. :yahoo:

    vhee - that color is gorgeous! awesome boyfriend indeed

    Amy - great MJ collection! DROOL

    diorwhore - ohh you got the satchel!! black is my favorite color for that style, CONGRATS on your first!

    emoem - omg, that style is amazing! i've never seen it before. what a great buy!!

    aecsula - SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!

    ladies, thanks for sharing!!!!