discussed with the sa about the sophia buckling

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  1. I went to the boutique today and talked to the sa about how the large Sophia buckled when wearing as a shoulder handbag and she said that Sophia was really meant to be carried as a satchel. has anyone else been told this? I haven't returned mine yet. she also said that it is supposed to buckle like that. my sa is wonderful I might add.
  2. Yes, it is primarily supposed to be a satchel. Most of the SAs I spoke to agree that the longer strap is an option, but it really doesn't look right.
  3. honestly, IMO, I can see where it would buckle. Too me, the top of the bag seems really wide to carry as a shoulder bag. I guess I'm not too sure on the Sophias yet.
  4. I love the way my sm./med. sophia looks with the shoulder strap.My sa said that they are made to wear either way, so really, it is personal preference!I like that there is 2 options to carry this bag, and I know you really can't get the feel for it until you purchase it and put your stuff in there.But op, if you really are unhappy, I'd say return for a shoulder bag maybe!I know its hard though, especially when you love a bag and expect more from it.Sorry you are having issue's!
  5. I tried on the large both ways and it did look funny with the long strap, but maybe the small ones don't do that??? I could wear the large on my shoulder with just the normal handles, which I liked!
  6. I can get the shorter handles on my shoulder too but they aren't comfortable. I'm a little on the fluffy side. lol
  7. I tried the smaller one on in the boutique with my stuff in it on Friday and I thought the bag looked fine with the shoulder strap, didn't really buckle. It just looks like to me it has no choice but to buckle on the larger one as the weight pulls it down kwim?
  8. I think that is what I was trying to get at.Like I said, I like the way mine looks with the shoulder strap.It does make since that when carrying the bag by the shoulder strap, the weight would do that!I think the op art sophia's are alittle more structured than the leather and maybe a bit lighter to.
  9. I tried my stuff in the clover green small Sophia and it went right into a V in the front it buckled so much - and I don't carry very much at all - and I never even put all my stuff in her. It really turned me off. BUT, this only happened when I used the shoulder strap - it was fine as a satchel - but I would never use it as a satchel. I thought I might, but I bought the Kristin satchel and never use the satchel handles - I only use the shoulder strap, so I know a satchel just won't work for me.

    The SA pointed out another thing to me about Sophia - the way the shoulder strap just hangs halfway down the bag when it is being used as a satchel. With the Kristin satchels the long strap hangs beautifully under the bag when it is being carried as a satchel - with Sophia I find the shoulder strap just looks awkward hanging down the front of the bag. The SA who pointed this out to me questioned why Coach designed it that way. :shrugs: Is that shoulder strap detachable, I can't remember? Seems like it would be handy to just be able to remove it.
  10. yes, it is it does come unattached!I'm confused, what is the clover, leather or op art.I'm wondering if this only happens with the leather where it is not as structured as the dot op art?Or maybe it happens with the large only?I don't know, lol, I'm confusing myself!I didn't even look at the large sophia's.I love how you have the option of taking the shoulder strap off though.It is good if you rather carry a satchel style bag:smile:
  11. Does someone have a pic of the Sophia 'buckling'? I'm not a fan of the shape of these bags, they are so wide, but if they slouched down a bit I might change my mind. TIA!
  12. i really think the sophia is a weird shape. and i can't picture myself with a bag of this shape. i find it unappealing. like a tote that got chopped in half on top.

    i like the look of the gathered in black, but i dont' know if i'd like carrying it due to the shape.

    if it's buckling, it's probably because it's too wide, and the weight of your contents in the middle with no support on the outer edges. they should have thought of that before putting a shoulder strap option. maybe it is more of a satchel.
  13. like a tote that got chopped in half on top.

    alliemia, ITA what you said about her shape.:biggrin:

    I just got my black gathered yesterday. I kind of like the wide open since I can access my stuff very easily. It does "buckle" when you use shoulder strap, but I doesn't bother at all. I wear it under my arms with two handles, very comfy and roomy. I would say tt looks much better when you put more stuff in. Love my new bag!
  14. This isn't the only bag that looks weird with the long strap. I remember reading about how people though Sabbys and Audreys looked strange with the long strap also.
    I never use the long strap on bags, LOL! If I ever got a Sophia, it would be carried in the crook of my arm, like I do my S's and A's.
  15. ita:smile: