Discuss the O.C. finale **WARNING- SPOILERS****

  1. What did you guys that've seen the show think of it? I only saw the last five minutes, and thought the acting was crappppp. Dyou think the person who died is really dead, or just unconcious?? Discuss!!!
  2. Freggin LAME. All of it was LAME.
  3. tell me who! 1 more hr!!!!!!
  4. I think she is dead. But I agree that the acting was horrid in the end.
  5. Sorry for the cynicism.. but yea that was so stupid. She is dead- and now the next season is going to try to have her sister be the up and coming OCer and that doesn't do it for me at all. I thought the entire episode went slow and didn't flow well- nothing exciting until the end.. and still I wasn't excited, rather annoyed that I got hooked on this show :Push:
  6. Who dies? Mischa?
  7. The entire episode was absolutely awful... such junk. I am not going to watch the next season anymore.
  8. i don't think she's dead because she's the biggest star on the show, they'd be stupid to kill her. particularly since the show has gotten way lame since the first season's awesomeness.

    i still watch every week like the television zombie i am, though!
  9. How is she the biggest star on the show? Her awful and hollow acting has to make her the WORST!

    Anyways, her "death" would just confirm the rumors that have been circulating for months - she wants to pursue "bigger and better" things, and has been pulling the diva act on set for awhile now.
  10. Are we sure Marissa's dead? Or could this be another Trey-coma instance??
    I think Ryan's acting was REALLY POOR. And why didnt he dial 911???
  11. uuuuum, HELLO!?! Are y'all ignoring my question!?

    Who died?
  12. Sorry!!! Marissa!!!!
  13. and how? Short story is fine!

    I only saw up until she asked Ryan to drive her to the airport.
  14. Swanky, I only saw the last 5 minutes, but apparantley, Ryan was driving her to the airport, and Volchok was driving drunk behind him, rammed their car, it crashed, Ryan pulled her from the car, she died in his arms.
  15. Could someone recap the start-mid of the epi, please??