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  1. I'm a newbie to BV. I have lost my enthusiasm for LV and I'll buy my first BV in the next time (Veneta large or medium). I have bought a BV wallet last week, what I loooove so much! :heart:
    I'm interested about your personal experiences in wearing your BV bags.
    I would know par example, how comfortible is the short handle of the medium Veneta? I have tried it at the store, and I think it's not to comfortible with a coat? The Large was more comfortible, but the large is very big!
    So please, if you can give my some ideas, which size is better, i will be greatful. And I'm interested, which bag you like the most and why!
    Thank yo very much!
    I'm so sorry about my English :sweatdrop:- I hope you understand what I mean (I'm a "Swiss-Lady"). Thank you!
  2. Thanks for making this thread (and the others for newbies :tup:) , jburgh.

    Found out today on how to PM (finally, after few days). Still don't know how to post pics.

    I've asked in the other threads on the downside of Cabat, since I'm totally getting it in June. I wonder if anyone would care to respond, those who has a cabat already?

    There are so many downside to LVs that I just crossed it out of my list. Got a Loewe Amazona, wanting to expand my collection. Wonder if the Veneta and/or Cabat is good for the collection.
  3. Welcome to the BV forum. Like most of us here, look forward to a lifelong lovefest with BV. The body of the Venetas will slouch after use, so they will not look so wide. I agree with your assessment of the size comfort. Unless you are a very small woman, the medium will not fit comfortable over a heavy coat.
  4. Thank you jburgh! I will try it again at the BV store in Zurich. If the body of the Veneta slouch after use, maybe the large will be ok for me ( I'm 163 cm). I don't like it if the handle is to close under my arm.
    I'm looking forward to buy my first BV and to buy more and more and more in the future!;)
  5. Love the Newbies Guide! One suggestion: The Ball and the New Ball are left off the "What are the classic bags?" list.

    My poor favorite New Ball gets no respect. harrumph.
  6. Been thinking about changing that....will do!
  7. Thanks for this! Are these bags handmade?

    Where can I find the strap drop for the different sizes of the Veneta hobo, NP and Sloane?

  8. Bay - these bags are handmade in Italy. Strap drops? Start a thread in the FAQs forum and ask for people to post them.
  9. ^^ and you can see the glimpse of how they are made here.:smile:
  10. It is easy to find on the net info about BV - previous designers, history of the brand, the famous woven technique but how about....

    Which year each icon handbag was introduced?
    When the classic colors became classic? what other classic color - other than Noce-are discontinued? discontinued classic handbags?
  11. Hi gals!

    I need info on an item with regard to authenticity.

    Please help!

    Info as follows:

    Item Name: Auth. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Handbag
    Item Number : 150525360072
    Seller name: vickie3969

    Seller says a "ball" bag bought in 2005.

    Please help with your thoughts. Thanks
  12. hello everyone,

    just out of curiosity is the bellly considered a veneta or is it considered something else, such as a pyramid? thanks in advance
  13. #15 Sep 6, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2011

    i just found the answer to this question in the pics thread...so sorry...i'm a BV newbie and recently purchased my very first belly 2 weeks ago...i'm still trying to familiarize myself with BV :greengrin:...so thankful for all these wonderful threads...