Discuss: Sample of Color Chart

  1. I love the crocodile sample chart.. its amazing to see the difference between 1 color in both Prosp and Nilo crocodile. :love:

    Thanks Grands Fonds! :flowers:
  2. hi gdsfond!

    in Purples family you can add : Cyclamen. :flowers:
  3. Hi SP!

    I actually put Cyclamen in Pinks for some reason, come to think of it, it would have prolly been better in Purples, but now it sits in the Pinks!!

  4. Thanx a lot for the color samples! :smile:

    Has anyone ever seen turquois chevre and chevre mysore in real so they can tell me if the chevre is brighter than c. mysore?
  5. ^ I've only seen it in Chevre mysore and it is a gorgeous, rich color w/o being too bright. I'd choose Chevre mysore for any bag in turquoise.
  6. I am confused with the color Gris Touterelle and Etoupe. What exactly is the difference. (I saw a few pictures on various sites and they sometimes look like one another). How are they compared as of undertone..which one looks best on what leather? Thanks:heart:
  7. These 2 colors really have to be seen IRL to see the difference. I've never seen a good photograph of either unless taken in natural sunlight. Etoupe is browner.
  8. OK! but in the store we considered the Cyclamen like a light violet... ;) :flowers:
  9. I see!! Thx HG!!! I prob should visit H and check them out :smile:
  10. yeah, I agree, but I had colour swimming in my head when I was doing it!!:lol: :upsidedown:

    SP...is Vert Jasmin gonna make a comeback??:graucho:
  11. You can also add chocolate brown to barenia. I have this in a belt.

    Also, my new prune in chevre mysore.
  12. thanx Greentea! :flowers:

    I like turquois because of its brightness :angel:
  13. ^love the prune, LaVan!!!!,,,it is actually listed in the colour descriptions, but it is so new, I didn't have a swatch to put up.

    I'll add chocolate to the Barenia....cheers!:flowers:
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