discuss my next item!

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  1. Hi! After the holidays I'll have +- 1000 euro in mij 'Louis savings-fund' I would like to get a black shoulder bag and i have different ideas but don't really know what to get.

    I do would like it to be a shoulder bag but I think the looks are more important to me.

    I have these items in mind:
    Black epi jasmin
    Black epi lockit
    black epi bowling bag
    black epi soufflot

    I don't want a speedy because I allready have the mini lin speedy

    What would you get? Do you have any of these bags, what do you think about it?
    Any other suggestions?
  2. How about the new style Madeleine? It comes in 2 sizes. Here is a photo of the smaller size in red.

  3. The madeleine would be perfect as it's a shoulder bag and comes in black but it's not really my style.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I vote for the bowling bag it is hot!!! I also love Passy, it is very similar to the bowling style. How about Segur pm? love that one and Jasmin :love:
  5. Black epi bowling for sure!
    I love that bag!
    It's such a gorgeous bag when i saw it irl i was like :love:
  6. Black Lockit gets my vote!!!
  7. I love the black lockit.
  8. Lol, two bowling montaigne votes and two lockit votes and my favourite is actually the jasmin...

    I ask your advice because I always get confused when I go to the shop about what I like best so it's very helpfull to hear some opinions...
  9. I like the Epi Montaigne GM the most... it's simply divine!
  10. Out of those four, I really like the lockit. But you said your favorite is the Jasmin, so go with your heart.
    Have you seen the Sac Montaigne? So feminine......I wanted it so badly, but my mom purchased it as HER first LV. :smile:
  11. Lockit. I love that style, I am planning of getting it in Ivoire.
  12. My vote is for the Lockit.
  13. I like the lockit best!
  14. Sounds like you prefer east-west (Jasmin/Soufflot) bags over north-south (Lockit) bags. I'd say the Jasmin since you're leaning towards it anyway. I have it in red and quite like it.
  15. My mom has the black epi bowling GM and she can use it as both a shoulder bag and a hand held bag. :yes: