DISCUSS: How much woven is too much woven?

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  1. How do you guys feel about using many of your woven things in conjunction?

    As self-proclaimed SLG God of BV, I've noticed that I often have many woven pieces (all in different colors) at any time.

    For instance, I wear my red "kaballah" bracelet every day and mostly use my ink wallet (and if not that, then another woven wallet or card case), Then my pencil case is a small clutch in cobalt and my coin wallet is in my bag in tan. Plus my cobalt keychain, which mostly hides out in my bag, too.

    Is this overboard?

    I sort of feel like a crayon box for BV.
    (not that I'm complaining - just wanna see what you guys do!)
  2. ^Lol, I guess it's just a matter of personal taste. At least BV doesn't have any obvious logos, I've seen people wearing CC glasses with CC logos on their bag and shoes and other SLG's. Personally I like to mix and match it up a bit but plenty of the ladies on the H forum carry a H bag and have a rainbow of SLG's from H in their bag and it looks great.
  3. nothing wrong with an H or a woven rainbow!
  4. I also don't believe in "too much woven":nuts: You have great taste, designerdesire, I'd go with your instincts!
  5. No such thing as too much woven IMO. On any given day I'm wearing my BV bracelet, sporting my veneta, Ebano wallet, BV cell phone case, and two coin/card holders (I love these - use one for my kids apts and the other for mine/dh).

  6. Interesting thread. My DH has an intecciato Ebano wallet. It is wearing out and he needs a new one. He specifically requested that I not get him another woven one, because it is too much like a logo for him. After seeing all my BVs, and most are woven, he has associated the look with BV. Unfortunately for a vehement anti-logo person like him, this is negative.

    Now for me, I love the woven look and never tire of it. I am a weaver and am drawn to textures. But I also like other things too. However if I could only wear one type of bag for the rest of my life, a woven BV would not be objectionable in the least.
  7. I"m so on board with you regarding no objections to a BV handbag for the duration. I'm wondering if there's ever been a thread if you had to choose one BV to wear the rest of your life which would win? I already know my answer! lol
  8. Considering I'm nearly always carrying a woven bag, with woven wallet, woven card case and woven key fob (that shows outside the bag) I'm in the *never too much woven BV* camp.

    I understand what you mean though. Your accessories are more visible, where a few of mine are inside the bag. Trust your own good taste. Every guy (and gal)here in the BV forum has superb taste, IMO, and I would trust you to know how to put a look together.
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    Very interesting opinions. :smile: I will continue to carry my woven goods proudly, even if my boyfriend echoes "TOO MUCH BOTTEGA" in my head...
  10. I'm in the "never too much woven BV" camp myself.

    Case in point: :P


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  11. ^LOL, LOVE IT!!!! Never too many colors, either!
  12. NEVER too much :smile: what else could be better than BV?
  13. I don't think you can ever have too much woven!!
  14. I'm in the "can't have too much woven" camp too! The inside of my BVs looks a lot like sngsk's - except without the awesome colour mix (my SLGs are basically Nero and Noce, with one Burnt Orange thrown in to liven things up).
  15. :drool: That is a site to behold!