discuss: hottest bag ever


frou frou
Feb 28, 2006
hi! i thought we could discuss here which you think is THE best bag, ever, full stop. if you could only have one bag which would it be? brand? style? does your opinion change each season when new styles are introduced? and how much of our desire is inflicted by media hype? share your opinion!!!! :smile:
to jump start the converstation i'll admit smth that i've dreamed about for a long time is kind of controversial... hermes birkin but with louis vuitton damier canvas...
mmmm birkin...been #1 since i was 17 and saw it on that sex in the city episode with lucy liu. didn't realize how much it cost back then! 35cm rouge blue jean or gold clemence leather pallidium hardwear. or a camel colored kelly. i like vintage kellys better, the ones that are a tiny bit beat up and loved.

i think you're going to get a lot of birkin answers for this thread.
jean blue is my absolute favourite. i'm only 21 and can't possibly afford it now, but i can hope for later... :smile:

ilzabet, i think so too, but let's hold a basket for some surprises ;)

what makes the birkin so special? and why do most women prefer it to the kelly? this is probably another discussion, but still... we can also talk about WHY we choose a bag over another.
Don't shoot me or ban me but.............I like the Birkin but it's nothing I want to salivate over. I can appreciate everyone else's but just not into that bag for some reason personally. I would die for a YSL Muse bag though. It has durable leather, classic shape and will last throughout the years IMO.
jasanna, that guy bob ross's show is now on greek tv!!!! this show seems to be really 80s [ or just this guy's style, LOL]

darelgirl, could you pls post pics of the Charlotte 24? i've never seen it! thanks & efxaristw ;)