Discuss: Hermes Size Reference Thread

  1. This is the place to ask questions, discuss and make comments about the Hermes Size Reference Guide. Thank you.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you Jag for this great thread, and to Flossyfigaro for the amazing photos. WOW!! That is graduate study for H black bags FF!!!!

    I am not able to get to an H in person, and this is a great resource. The difference between the 30 and 35cm birkin is much greater in the photo than it was in my head, for example.

    I am so looking forward to seeing pics of members bags with their owners height for reference, that would be great.

    Thanks again for this wonderful thread!!!
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  3. DITTO!!
  4. My pleasure ladies!

    As for my 2 cents, I have tried on both the 35 and the 30 and to be honest, the perfect size for me is the 30 because I am 5'1" and feel that the 35 is just too big. If Hermes would just make the standard birkin in a 32cm, it would be the ultmiate perfect size.
  5. I love the reference guide! This is absolutely brilliant and very handy! I've tried on a JPG, 35cm, 30cm, and 28cm HAC before. I have to say that I prefer JPG, 30cm, and 28cm HAC the most ... I'm 5 ft 8 in (add an inch or two to the height when I'm over 130lbs) and while I can carry off 35cm, I found the smaller size to look more proportionate to me as a purse. 35cm definitely looks more like a tote to me. :yes: JPG works on me because the East-West shape takes away from its overall size.
  6. The pictures are brilliant. Glad I stopped by the H reference library!
  7. Flossy!! Your pictures just take my breath away!! I really didn't think I could get more excited about these bags... but you've done it, my friend. I'm a little overstimulated!!

    I have a 32cm Kelly and now I am able to see the comparisons for my Birkin choice - I think I'm going to go with 35cm first and then see what transpires ... ;)
  8. I am still so decisive between the 28cm or 32cm rigid black box kelly!!
    I think the ladies that met me in LV said the 28cm looked alright. I'm 5'6, usually with 3 inch heels on :sad: but hard to decide!
  9. Go with the 28cm in sellier and 32 in retourne. I am 5'6 without heels and I think 32cm sellier is too big for me. In retourne it is a softer look so it works. Can't explain any better than that:rolleyes:
  10. Sounds like a good idea :smile: So basically 28 cm in the rigid because I think the Kelly looks better in the rigid! Do you think it's dependent on how much you weigh, etc?
    :biggrin: Thanks gracekelly.
  11. Fabulous photos Flossy.
    Thanks Jag.
  12. Thank you ladies, I am glad the pics are of some help ... I hadn't realised just how many H bags I had in black until I went to take the photo oops
  13. Flossy...Thank you, thank you for the reference pics!!!
  14. My pleasure .... where's your great avatar gone SoCal? always makes me smile:yes:
  15. Need to load another...one of these days...need to take a decent photo first... :shame: