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  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. You should re-look at the listing to verify the box was to be included, then call them (fashionphile). By the way, I have recently bought from them and the bag came in its H box, as listed (also condition was New without tag).
  2. Sorry, just saw your question! I haven't, but I think they accept returns. Best to check with them to confirm this. Is everything ok with the birkin?
  3. Has anyone had experience with eBay seller dbn-inc?.. I've seen requests for authentication of her bags posted in different years, but they weren't properly submitted by then.
  4. For anyone who has purchased from yoogi's closet- are they one if the sellers who describes every tiny flaw and kind of describes their bags as worse than they really are out of an abundance of caution? I'm confused because I am looking at something that is titled like new but then a series of flaws is described. Thanks.
  5. Has anyone purchased from Yochika recently and could share their shopping experience with them?
  6. My experience with Yoggi's, is their items are in worse condition than described. As you stated they say "Like New or in Pristine Condition" then followed list of imperfections. I refrained from purchasing from them after two purchases that were less than desirable in terms of condition. Many others have experienced the same (check the eBay thread).
  7. Thanks so much. Yes looking at the photos of the bag it has stains inside and significant wear on the outside. Geez. How is that like new? I'll avoid them.
  8. I think it depends! I purchased a Bottega Veneta bag from them and it actually came in better condition than I thought it would... or maybe I just have low expectations!
  9. Another STRONG recommendation for Jan at http://its-all-goode.com/ !! I've purchased multiple H scarves from her and she is ALWAYS a true pleasure to work with. Honest and trustworthy sellers like Jan are hard to come by, and not to mention the prices are very reasonable! She is extremely knowledgeable and cares about her customers; not to mention she is one of our resident experts on Hermes scarves here at TPF, so all of my purchases are worry-free on the authenticity front. Everything ships quickly, packaged carefully, and with kindness. Strong, strong recommendation for Jan at Its All Goode!!!! :smile:
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  10. It definitely depends with them. I bought my Jypsiere and an exotic H wallet from them and they were both exactly as described. I bought a Mansur Gavriel bag from them that had a major chemical leather dye smell that they didn't disclose in the listing, so I returned it. I'm also eyeing a bag on their site right now and fortunately they seem to have taken detailed photos of every flaw they describe, so I can decide whether I can live with them as pictured.
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. +1. I am a fan !
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  13. I have heard great things about her.

    I messaged her twice via her website to inquire about one of her listings and have not seen her response. It has been weeks:sad:. I wish I could say that I had a great experience with her:sad:.
  14. Hi luxi_max - I'm sorry to hear the Contact Us feature didn't work for you. If you email me directly at jgoode1028@gmail.com, I'll be happy to help you in whatever way I can. Jan
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  15. Thanks, Jan! I will definitely email you directly in the future.
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