Discuss: Hermes resale/Ebay sellers

  1. Discuss: Hermes Resale/Ebay Sellers
    This is the place to discuss your experiences, both good and bad, with various resellers (online, ebay, or brick and mortar).

    Please be respectful even if you have had a negative experience with a seller. We just want this to be an additional reference for buyers researching various sellers in order to make a well informed, educated decision on where to purchase Hermes bags.

    Thank you.

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  2. Please be careful with Vita2001, she has been reported to eBay for shill bidding and eBay have removed listings.
  3. I like to give 2 thumbs up for outstanding service from Jamie of Luxwear. I bought a Kelly from her and she overnighted the bag to me for free of charge. Then the bag arrived and I looked at the fedex documents and wow, she overnighted this bag from Italy to me in US and she followed up with me .... It is outstanding service and absolutely happy customer here ....
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  4. I know many ladies have had great experiences with Nancy @ kaleidoplace.

    I have consigned an almost brand new birkin a while ago. I selected to consign with kaleidoplace because I liked the bags and the price she offered as a buyer. After the initial discussion and photos, she had a potential buyer lined up quickly. Her consignment fee is so reasonable, and repayment was very quick.

    I just purchased a Kelly from her, and the bag was actually in a much better condition than she described. Both times absolutely great experiences!
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  5. Had another flawless transaction with Ann's Fabulous Finds. Highly recommend them :smile:
  6. I recently purchased from both Nancy at kaleidoplace and Mimiaction with great results. I'm a repeat buyer with both and continue to be 100% happy!

  7. I just received my gorgeous Sur Un Tapis Volant (scarf-twin to Encore Hermes) from Jill's Consignment. It is always such a pleasure to work with her, because her communication is wonderful and she makes everything go so smoothly. Thumbs up! :tup:
  8. Hi ladies, I originally posted in Hermes chat...(wrong thread) <sigh>
    anyway, I have come across this seller montecarloclub on the bay....does anyone know ANYTHING about this seller?? After looking, well, they have sold 2 birkins only in over a year's time. I wouldnt mind that they list NO authenticating photos of their bags, because alot of sellers are doing that, however, when I ASKED for more photos, they actually flat out refused to give them to me??? They have about 12 birkins up right now, all state brand new, but all are older years bags. Even one that says brand new color but it's an L year bag. They have shots of the year stamp, but have tastefully covered
    the craftsman stamp of every strap as well as kept the key numbers and lock bottoms out of view....this practice just strikes me as dodgy. If I want someone to buy my $13k birkin, I would be accommodating with photos and very kind....they say they won't give photos because "people steal our photos for fake bag sales".....reasonable answer, but watermarking isn't exactly something out of the question right?? Anyway, if you have ever dealt with this seller or if you HAVE been able to get photos, whats the scoop?? thanks ladies!!
  9. hmmm, well I followed up and asked them to post more photos on their listing so that I could have their bag authenticated, and I got this answer "sorry, we cannot help you with your requests"
  10. Emyhelper, I have never dealt with that seller, but I think I would RUN AWAY fast! No honest seller would conceal that kind of information from you or refuse to help you in making sure you know what you are getting into.

    If you were interested in a certain bag, you could always submit it to the Authenticate This Hermes Bag thread and the authenticators would give you a definite answer....but I think I already know what they would say. And I think your intuition is telling you correctly to avoid this seller :shocked:
  11. Is there a particular reason you're going after this seller? Are you actually seriously interested in buying this bag or any other bag from them? It's possible they won't take additional photos if they feel you are not truly looking to buy...

  12. I have purchased from this reputable reseller my Kelly and would not hesitate to purchase again. The transaction was flawless.

    A no-nonsense reseller!!
  13. I purchased a lovely H. Stern necklace from them some years ago and was very happy with the transaction. I personally feel their prices for Hermes bags are high so have not looked at their auctions in some time.

  14. As they usually say in the LV thread, no pics = no buy. I don't know why people won't answer questions or provide more photos. If they are reputable that's one thing but when you're starting out buying a "new" brand (to you) you don't know who the best resellers are. I would hope that most sellers understand buyers are cautious when purchasing designer goods secondhand. If they've had bad experiences with other buyers don't take it out on me.
  15. Yes, I actually really like the prune viole bag he/she has listed. I asked if they were afraid of stolen photos, could they please just post more to their auction so that I could have it authenticated (no) I asked for receipts to verify purchase, (and please don't come back and tell me the spill about faked receipts...I know all that, I was reaching for ANY proof of a real bag) The answer to that was "no". I must say, I've actually only encountered one....maybe two other sellers with high feedback with this attitude, one of them sold powertools for a living, and as memory serves, someone else brought the photos he had here, and it was not an authentic bag.

    I would have liked this person based on feedback, but upon further checking, they have sold only 2 Hermes bags in a little over a year. I would think it was due to no photos and not being too helpful. I like the color of this bag, it says "brand new color" (not familiar with all the years that colors were released, mostly just more recent ones) Then after reviewing the entire listing, this is actually a bag from 2007. How is that a brand new color?? It just struck me odd that someone would expect you to trust to purchase from them without even showing you the bag.

    I think I will ask if they have a store front, or if they do personal meetings, something like that. Does that sound okay??