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  1. Anyone who has authentic brand new birkin for sell???!?!?!!?
  2. ^^ You can't solicit sales, in either direction, here. However, if you search this thread, you'll find lots of sellers who can be relied upon to sell you beautiful, authentic Hermes. Good luck in your search.
  3. I have personally purchased from


    If u look thrugh the ebay recommended list u should have many to choose from.
  4. Hi guys - in case anyone is interested, there are several Birkins available at www.lilabclue.com its a company based in London, England and I know their bags are totally authentic. I was offered one a few days ago following an order I placed with them a few months ago, but DH wont let me buy one at the moment, so thought i'd let you all know incase anyone else's DH isnt being such a spoil sport...

  5. I can't remember but this site seems familiar and I think it's dodgy?
  6. Oh no - I dont think that review is fair. My best friend bought a 40cm Birkin from this company over the summer and its definately authentic. I was with her when she took it into the store to get her initials put inside the clochette and the SAs were oohing and ahhing over her bag.. I guess they dont have many photos of the bags on their website, so maybe thats why people were unsure about them. But i think they're very helpful and have a great selection.
  7. The pictures on that site are STOLEN from respectable resellers of authentic Hermes goods.

    Bubblebubble - you are not TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY OF COURSE affiliated with that site?

    Sorry, I don't buy your story.
  8. :goodpost:
  9. Me neither!
  10. No i am not. For me, their bags are a little expensive. But I thought I'd let others know if they are interested.. I just thought that people try to help others out here and maybe someone who really wants a Birkin now but cant get one may be interested. I saw another tpf-er posted about availability at Salou in London, so I thought I'd do the same here. No need to bite my head off...
  11. Sorry but your 'totally authentic' endorsement of these bags just got to me when CLEARLY the pics on their website are stolen. If they have the real thing - why not post their own pics?
    So, I would definitely tread with caution when it comes to this seller.
  12. salou is an established shop - lilac blue is a fly by night website selling fake bags with stolen pictures at premium prices... thanks for endorsing that bubble!


    If you know them so well, perhaps you should advise them accordingly and not advertise them here... and you can take another extended leave of absense from this site... people here won't miss your contributions. bye!

  13. Talking about Salou, I would also tread with care! I am not saying that they are selling fakes however I have had personal experience with them and they are very very touchy about having their Birkins examined by Hermes prior to purchase (I was even told that by asking whether I could get the bag authenticated I was calling them thieves and liars - which is interesting since as far as I know they are not experts in the brand) Also I brought some of my own bags to sell there, all went well but I am sorry to say that there was very little asked about where I had got them from (they did not ask for info, date of purchase, authenticity cards or receipts),..... finally I heard a business nearby make doubtful comments about the fact that "they have Birkins in every colour and every size",.....
    Make of that what you will....
    Again am not saying they're fakes, am saying: not impressed,..... and not a nice experience!
  14. I wasnt going to say anything but I happen to agree regarding Salou. I have been there a few times and there was one time I was doubtful about the authenticity of the item (it was an orange birkin) and there was one time that I saw an outright fake scarf (and if there is one thing I know it's H scarves!) treated and priced as an authentic. And their prices are no bargains when it comes to H!

    At least Salou doesnt have a website and u can see the items in person and make up your own mind. Stealing pics of authentic birkins and passing them as your own is another matter.
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