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  1. :yahoo:I am an avid lurker of Post Ebay Finds... finally got my 35 Kelly Caramel from Kaleidoplace. A very professional seller and indeed an excellent service to go with a shipping that was SPEEDY FAST!! If you are a member of TPF dear, you are:tup:
  2. I'm a Kaleidoplace fan, too... I got my beloved raisin box Birkin from her... Couldn't ask for a better seller....
  3. LOvely bag, PP. Have bought a Prada and two Hermes from them. Great service and my bags always look better in real life than their pix!!!
  4. The luxury portal communicates well, ships fast, and gorgeous looking merchandise, couldn't ask for more :heart:
  5. yes she is a great seller!!!
  6. A friend told me about this site - www.lilacblue.com

    They look like they have a good selection (if not a little expensive). Just wondering if anyone has any experience buying from them before?


  7. Can someone in position of influence and power close that site down?


  8. ^^ That was disgusting!!!
  9. Awful!!!!! And they plan weddings and they use the same name of a retailer in London!!! What a horrible horrible site. To think someone could trust them to plan their wedding OMG!!!!!
  10. I would like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Kaleido Place:woohoo::woohoo:

    I requested she contact me if she had a certain Hermes bag with certain specs become available. One morning I received an email. We chatted and one week later this arrived . . . . .


    Thank You SO Much N!!!!
    Kaleido Place is a reseller of the highest caliber. Customer Service is first class!
    I am VERY pleased with my experience!!
  11. Congrats Penny, your latest arrival is gorgeous:heart::heart:

    Kaleidoplace is one of the BEST sellers on ebay imo, she is a DOLL to work with, nothing is too much trouble, she is wonderfully polite and courteous - such a genuinly nice lady, and she has some fabulous bags .... MORE :tup::tup::tup: for N.
  12. ^^^ Thank You flossy:smile:
    I have purchased from Kaleidoplace before and had wonderful transactions both times. I appreciate resellers such as yourself, N , fancydiamond and Luxury-Zürich who provide wonderful customer service and first call Hermes bags!!
  13. I'm leaving information about this ebay seller and ex-tpfer here for future reference in regards to this auction. Please draw your own conclusions.



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  14. Wanna give a HUGE shout out to ebay seller notadqinnj! I just got the best, most gorgeous kelly, and it arrived very quickly.

    Wonderful tPF'er, wonderful seller, provider of cocoa Peeps, all around great! I'd definitely buy from this seller again.
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