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  1. This is the place to discuss your experiences, both good and bad, with various resellers (online, ebay, or brick and mortar).

    Please be respectful even if you have had a negative experience with a seller. We just want this to be an additional reference for buyers researching various sellers in order to make a well informed, educated decision on where to purchase Hermes bags.

    Thank you.

    Thought it would be great to start a thread for those that are interested in where they can find authentic Hermes at resale shops
    A Second Chance Resale
    1133 Lexington Avenue, New York (212) 744-6041
    (8/23 They said they have 2 black Kellys)

    1132 Madison Avenue, New York
    212 879-2850
    (8/23 They said they have a 35cm Cycl Birkin & 32cm Brown Box Calf Kelly)

    767 Lexington Avenue, Suite 505
    New York, NY 10021
    Phone: (212) 755-7744
    (8/23 They said they have a 35cm Blue Jean Togo Birkin in Palladium)

    * decades inc. * vintage couture and accoutrements from the 1960s and 70s for men and women including hermes, pucci, gucci, halston, courreges, cardin, rabanne

    Jemz N Jewels- everything from Plumes, to Kellys to Birkins- vintage and new.
    Jemznjewels.com designer accessories at a fraction of the price.

    Luxury-Zurich- many different Hermes items
  2. What are the criterias to be on the list for this thread? Are we specifically talking about brick n' mortar store and .com stores only? I think we should probably only stick to that and not include eBay stores since we already have a list for eBay sellers. What do you think?

    And to add onto that list ...

    Luxwear Luxury Accessories
  3. Yeah I was thinking only Brick n' Mort or .com

    Fisch for the Hip
    (8/23 They have a lot!
    35cm Gold Togo Birkin, Gold Hardware
    35cm Black Birkin
    35cm White, epson(I think- he was talking fast)
    35cm Rouge Vif Birkin, Chevre Palladium + lots more

    32cm Black Box Kelly, Gold Vintage
    40cm Rouge Vif Kelly $4500)

    Their blog regulalry updates what comes in every 1-2 days.
  4. I'm not even going to try to list the inventory at Decades, I was told they have an entire floor for Hermes:nuts: . One of these days I'm going to make an effort to go up there. I was told that it's possible to find brand new Hermes at good prices there because they also do consignments at Decades so either way they do make money

    Btw, I think it'd be cool if international users can also list the reseller stores (w/ contact info and addresses) in their area since many of us here travel a lot.:yes:
  5. Anyone know of any reputable Hermes Resale or Consignment Boutiques in New York City.
    Another member of the PF made reference to a great resale store in NYC that sells loads of Birkins and Kellys. Does anyone know the name of this store?
  6. OMG....this is bad....this is very, very bad for Shopmom!!!!!

    Did you girls look at that Decades, Inc. Blog????? Did you see that cream Ostrich KellY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OMG!

    ...I need a sugardaddy.....just don't know what the DH would have to say about that....
  7. ShopMom, I'm planning on checking out Decades in person one of these days with Amkur and Pr1nc355. I'll be sure to give you a full report on it. I've spoken with them several times on the phone before. The people there are VERY friendly, helpful and HONEST!!
  8. Thanks, Kou! In the meantime, I am NOT....I repeat, NOT looking at their web site!.....nope....
  9. Japster, oh my! rouge vif Chevre Birkin!!!:heart:
  10. Paris:

    Didier Ludot - (33 1 42 96 06 56)

    Le Monde du Voyage - (33 1 40 12 64 03)

    Voyages - (33 1 49 45 09 56)

    re sellers of hermes.
  11. O.K. it's been two hours, ...so what's on their website?;)
  12. :heart: I know! But they want $10,500 for it which makes Japster very sad.

  13. Hi, did you go in person or call them? maybe they would negotiate the price a little?...
  14. I called. I'm kind of hoping for Chevre with gold hardware and I do have an opportunity for a Rouge Grance 35cm in Chevre in the next couple months from my SA. But I do love Rouge Vif.
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