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  1. What is the best thing to use to clean dirt off Togo leather?
  2. Sorry, I posted my question in wrong place. Is there any downside to buying an S marked bag? I think the S is either to designate sample or sale and the "S" is followed by a four digit number after the Hermes Paris Made In France mark of a Birkin. Will Hermes service such a marked bag? I know they won't to one with a shooting star--does the same hold for "s" designated bag?
  3. I have a Kaba Bag Purse Tote made with Amazonia leather. It scratches easily and has developed a haze after applying a conditioner made by Apple. What did I do wrong and how do I care for it?
  4. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the LARGE (luggage size) Hermes Birkin-looking bag?
    Its only custom made.

    Thanks a Million.
  5. ^That would probably be called an HAC and then the size in centimeters. 60 I suppose. There's a pretty beat up one available through a French reseller for an incredible price.
  6. Qn: where can we find the year stamps or craftmen stamps in our bags?

    I could only see them in Birkin & Lindy. How about other designs? Couldn't locate for Masai & Trim I.

  7. Masai: look behind the zipper pull on the interior pocket.

    Trims can be tricky because they have change the location over the years. Try the following locations: at the end of the shoulder strap there is a tab, look under there, or under the strap of leather that closes the bag.
  8. H has special wipes made specifically for the care of this material. You can purchase it through you local store.
  9. I would like to know more about Hermes sales item too. Has anyone been to a Hermes sale? What sort of items do they put on sale? What kind of bags? definitely not the Kellys and Birkins , right? :lol: Also like what Serazo has mentioned what would the effect of these S stamped items?
  10. At +65, all covetable items NEVER go on sale. No bags. No scarves. Zilch. No small leather accessories either. Only shoes, cashmere sweaters, some tops, some stuff from RTW that sort of thing.
  11. Thanks msS for bringing up this thread. Lost myself browsing around.

    Thanks HG! Will go check 'em.

  12. Really?? :wtf: None of the small leather accesories? I see ... It is not like that in other countries?

    I also would like to know about the spa treatment for bags. How do they charge for the service? Does the cost vary for different bag model or is it a complimentary service from Hermes? I am thinking to bring my Kelly Pochette for one. Thank you so much for the info. :smile:
  13. It is NOT like other countries.

    The stores here do not call it a spa treatment. They might even get a shock if you call it one over here. The craftsman is on home vacation and won't be back until mid Oct. And when he does, I am pretty sure he will have a lot of backlog to clear. As a result, it might take awhile for your KP to be refurbished. Charges will vary depending on the amount of work/time involved. It is not always a complimentary service. So you might want to ask the SAs when you bring your KP in. Depending on the leather that your KP is in, the results of a refurbishment will vary.
  14. I see, thank you so much mrssparkles for the info :smile:. So It is called refurbishment here. I guess I will try to bring in my KP around Nov then .