[Discuss] Hating Monogram....?

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  1. um...does anyone here dislike monogram?
    I for one cannot stand monogram...
    sure sometimes it can be very elegant,
    but most of the time (mostly in smaller pieces) it just look tacky and boring -sometimes disgusting- to me...
    and I also have the same problem with damier ebony...
    maybe it's because it's so overpopulated due to 1.) cheaper price. 2.) counterfeiters. 3.) fame gained across the globe.
    Is it just me? or there's other people out there agree with me?

    p.s: please don't trash me if you're a monogram lover...:sweatdrop:
  2. i'm not here to trash you --- even though i'm a mono lover!!!!

    if you hate mono so much.....and damier.... what do you like?! where is the *love*?!!!!
  3. can't say i agree with you, i love mono and all its different forms (MC and LEs). hate's kind of a strong word.
  4. I LOVE Louis Vuitton's design, I like them in Epi, Taiga, Nomade and such.
  5. My mistake, that was just bad wording,
    changed to "dislike".
  6. Well, I'm not a big fan of monogram even though all my stuff are monos.

    The reason is i don't like the monogram canvas being brown. Brown doesn't go well with Asian skin tone, it will just make us more yellowish.

    Hoping that LV will issue monogram in black
  7. what LV items have you got so far?
  8. Porte Valeurs Organizer in Grizzli Taiga
    Pocket Organizer in Damier
    Small Agenda in Cannelle Epi
    Valet Key Holder in Black Nomade

    a Stanislav and a 9CC wallet in taiga is coming in the day after tomorrow.
  9. As for me

    Palermo PM
    Alexandra mono wallet
    Amarante Vernis cles (with gold badge)
  10. Well...to be honest, in an LV forum where the majority of us do have Mono and Damier items, I don't think it'll be really easy to find many people who dislike these lines.

    These two lines are the very basis of LV, without them, LV wouldn't exist. Plus, they're great everyday lines, they match just about anything and are durable. Also, $600 for even a basic bag is still a lot so it's really not about the "cheaper" price point, especially nowadays
  11. I dont think LV is overpopulated because it's cheap, as Lvbabydoll says $600 for a basic Mono or Damier isn't cheap!
  12. I completely understand, it's just that there are sooo many mono and damier on the street, it's almost every other handbags you see is in either one of those prints.
    just for the record, I love azur, and personally cannot wait till the graphite to come out.
    it's just....dami ebony and mono (plain mono, exclude vernis, MC, etc)

    and as for what I meant by "cheaper", I was talking about relatively cheaper, the same design in mono is typically 20% cheaper than that in epi. Not saying that $600 is not a lot of money.
  13. How if they issue monos in differnet canvas color instead of just brown now? Would we hold a different opinion on that?
  14. Well I wouldn't exactly call either monogram or damier cheap, most people think that $600 is a crazy amount for someone to spend on a bag!

    I like Mono and Damier and all their variations, they are both classic and have stood the test of time. As for counterfeiting, that has always been a problem, the Damier and Monogram were created to combat counterfeiting!

    I don't how anyone could hate either canvas, let alone both! I don't think you'll get much support from other members...
  15. um.....maybe and maybe not....
    for me....the thing that I have an issue on is the print, not so much the color.
    different story with MC and vernis though....