Discuss Chloe Shopping Experiences/Sellers

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    This is the place to discuss your experiences, both good and bad, with various resellers (online, eBay, or brick-and-mortar).

    Please be respectful even if you have had a negative experience with a seller. We just want this to be an additional reference for buyers researching various sellers in order to make a well-informed, educated decision on where to purchase anything Chloe.

    Thank you!
  2. In the UK, one of the most respected is Roz77772002, she does obviously charge more than retail, but you know if it is a hard to get bag that if it comes from her, it will be legitimate every time. I have purchased from her before, and her feedback is also 100% positive, so I can recommend her without question :yes:
  3. Thanks Chloe-babe, the information on Roz777772002 is useful. Since I am new to ebay I have wondered about whether to pursue buying anything from her or not.
  4. This is great- please keep them coming. Eventually, I will create a master list of recommended sellers, and we can continue to use this thread to discuss, research and ask questions about experiences with various sellers.
  5. I have purchased many Chloe items from Roz, both off ebay and on ebay. She found me some very hard to get Chloe items that we never got here in the states. I do think her shipping is VERY high from the UK to here (almost $100 on bags)...but if you want it bad enough it wont matter. I recommend her HIGHLY.
  6. Roz is the best....expensive but soo worth it for hard to find items. I got my medium black betty from her... the one that I was searching for a long time! I would definitely goto her again.
  7. Please don't buy Chloe from Italyluxury!! They are fake, but priced high and hard to tell from their pics.
  8. Eliz*Thomas has great eBay stuff!
  9. lebagboutique is another great one. Corinne is one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. She has a lot of Chloe clothes too, if you want Chloe fashion.
  10. It'd be great to have a Master List! :smile:
  11. Why does lebagboutique have sooo many stock photos? We all know that Chloe bags all differ from each other.
  12. Just wanted to give a shout out to ElizabethThomas. She sells on ebay and has her own online store. Not only are her bags gorgeous and 100% authentic, she is also a wonderful, friendly person that will spend a lot of time to make sure that you get the "perfect" bag!
  13. I agree with stormy regarding Elizabeth Thomas. I purchased an anthracite Paddington from her on Ebay and was thrilled with the deal I received.
    Authentic bag, fantastic leather and she is a real sweetheart to deal with.
  14. I just had the most pleasant transaction with jovigirl! on Ebay. She is a fantasic seller and an amazing kind and helpful PFer!!! :heart: My bag came quickly and in amazing condition. Definitely give her the highest recommendation possible! :yes:
  15. Jovigirl is the best Chloe seller on E-bay. Every item is authentic and in mint condition....plus she's a sweetheart! She's got a Tekla for sale right now that is just beautiful...check it out!

    Highly recommend!